Induction scheduled for tomorrow!

I go in tomorrow morning at 6AM to get the party started! I’ll be 39 weeks 5 days at that point. They said they will either start with a tablet they insert or Pitocin right off. I’m currently 2cm dilated and 45% effaced. The doc did a membrane sweep today to see if that would move things along faster.

It didn’t hurt at all really- just uncomfortable pressure. I was worried it would hurt and was not going to do it, but she just casually mentioned it and sort of went for it before I had much time to protest. Honestly I wasn’t even sure if that’s what she was doing since it didn’t hurt and it just sounded like something that would. I asked when she was done and she said it went well and that I would probably have some spotting later.

I am glad we are going ahead with the induction. Seems the low Papp-A thing did affect his growth. His abdomen is measuring small which is a sign of growth restriction. His head is also small (I’m not complaining about that one! lol) He does have some long arms and legs though, with those measuring right on time. Head and abdomen are measuring closer to 35 weeks size. But with everything averaged together he has gone up from 20th percentile to 40th. They said he looks to be about 6lbs 12 oz.

By this time tomorrow I could be holding my baby boy!


39 Weeks, 3 Days and holding

untitledScrew the whole bumpdate thing, I’m skipping straight to the only thing that matters right now:

Labor Signs:

1) Monday I lost my mucus plug. It was quite exciting and I thought things would be moving along swiftly after that but no such luck.

2) I have Braxton Hicks contractions here and there but no real ones to speak of. Several times in the middle of the night I feel lightly crampy and wake up thinking please, pleeeeeease let this be a contraction. My uterus is not listening.

3) Baby boy has dropped down, way down and facing back. So far down he bumps into delicate nerves that send little lightening bolts of pain through my crotchal reqion. Crossing my legs is a fond memory.

4) 25% Effaced, but no dilation on last check

What I’m looking forward to:

Getting checked again on Monday and making some big decisions! Praying for some progress because if I can’t go into labor naturally, I still want to at least have the baby without a C section. If it comes to that, ok, I understand. But it’s a last resort. To be honest, the whole idea of having major surgery while awake absolutely freaks me out. But I am SO ready to hold this kiddo in my arms and smother him with kisses!

Is this labor or just gas?

I’ll spare you the suspense. It was gas. And really bad heartburn/acid reflux. I woke up around midnight feeling sick with a lot of cramping. The cramping felt more like lightening bolts than menstrual cramps though. Also they were all in the front, nothing involving the back. Then I started to gag and threw up stomach acid. There was a lot of moaning and burping while my husband frantically started googling. Vomiting is a sign of labor, but in my case it was just a sign I shouldn’t have eaten all those spicy hot wings. 😦

I finally took some Zantac and got relief about 20 min. after that. So glad that stuff works! I was able to get back to sleep even with the baby doing acrobatics. I don’t think he liked all the heaving.

First Cervix Check, 38 weeks 4 days

I went for my first cervix check yesterday. I was so nervous after reading a lot of horror stories online of how it hurt. It didn’t hurt one bit! I guess after years of all the infertility treatments, catheters through the cervix, biopsies, cameras and microscopes jammed in there, a couple fingers reaching for your tonsils is nothing. Quick painless pressure and he was done.

The verdict was 25% effaced with no dilation. So the plan is to come back on Monday, if I make it until then, check again and then we make the big decisions on induction date if necessary.

I was happy to at least have a smidgen of progress to report. Another positive note was baby has dropped, head down and facing back. He is in the perfect position for birth. Totally freaked me out when the doc grabbed his head from the outside and jiggled it and said “there’s his head.” That felt really weird from the inside.

No contractions yet besides very mild cramping, like the kind you get the day before your period. But moments after writing my last blog on trying to naturally speed things along, I lost my mucus plug! At first I was confused as to why there was a raspberry floating in the toilet. Then I was like…”is that it….??? Maybe….” Then about an hour later some giant snot globs came out that left no question.

So I am officially making progress! It is very exciting but also frustratingly slow. Come on little man…let’s get things moving 🙂

Natural Induction Strategies

I am very ready for this little boy to make his grand entrance and I’ve never been really good at just sitting around an waiting. Funny nine or so months ago I was obsessively googling symptoms while now I’m obsessively googling how to get him out! The doc said he is full term and ready to go any day. I am actually getting checked later today to see if I’ve made any progress. I’m insanely curious. So this past week, this is what I’ve tried:

* eating pineapple

* Sex

* walking

* sitting/ bouncing on a birthing ball

* acupressure combined with a “Come Out Baby” massage

* the massage was also paired with a hypnobabies session

I got nothing so far. No contractions other than the random Braxton Hicks stuff. He has dropped low into my pelvis at least. I can feel him banging into nerves down there, sending shooting pains like little lightening bolts. He was turned to the side last time though, so I’m hoping he’s decided to face back now.

Wednesday I have another massage scheduled. My official due date is April 16, but they won’t let me go over that date due to the low Papp-A and are already talking induction options. I really want to avoid that and am hoping he will be ready to make an early appearance on his own!

38 Weeks today and ready for phase 2

I kept waking up all night mildy crampy. Not really sure if it is progressing to anything, or if it’s just gas. I’d really like it to be some sort of progress toward labor. Stick a fork in me, I’m done!

Getting ready for the big event at nearly 38 weeks

Getting ready for the big event at nearly 38 weeks

How far along:  38 weeks

Weight gain: I don’t know…like 50 freakin lbs. I’m almost 180 now. This is insane. Going to be a lot of work afterwards. Too bad I refuse to give up desserts. If I can’t have my wine, I will have cake dammit!

Maternity clothes: I’m ready to just start wearing PJ pants all the time. Unfortunately I have to pull them half-way up my belly so my thighs don’t rub, and that makes me look like Humpty Dumpty. So hot.

Stretch marks: Still none. I am very happy about this!

Sleep: Sleep 2 hours, pee, 2 hours, pee, 30 min. pee….and so on

Best moment of this week: finishing up a huge event I had been planning for 2 months and starting my maternity leave! Learned a valuable lesson that I will never ever plan anything in late pregnancy again. I could barely walk by then end of the day! Here’s the post on my other blog about my event:

Miss anything: I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever. I miss everything.

Movement: he’s a busy boy this morning, just the way I like it!

Food cravings: cake, cake and things made with cake

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope

Belly button in or out:  still in but kinda flat and weird

Wedding rings on or off: these have been off for a month

Labor signs: Braxton hicks all day yesterday and very very light cramping today. Could be gas, could be baby…probably a bit of both

Happy or moody most of the time: happy, tired, done

Looking forward to: the next step! Labor day! I am so ready to get this show on the road.

Things just got serious – long appointments from here on out! – 36 and a half weeks

I’m just past 36 weeks and from here on out, due to my “advanced maternal age” and low Papp-A, looks like every Monday is going to be a very long appointment time! At least I can say I feel VERY well taken care of.

We started with fetal monitoring (the non-stress test, aka NST) and only had to be on that for 20 minutes because Keelan did what he needed to do. They want to see his heart rate accelerate when he moves and slow down when he’s resting. I got to recline in a chair with belts across my belly while an EKG machine recorded his movements. Then they gave me the belts to take home with me and bring back at every appointment.

Then we moved on to the ultrasound where they did all his measurements. They estimated his weight at 5.5 lbs. We didn’t get any pictures because he’s so crammed in there that it all just looks like a baby blob. The tech kept saying things like “look at his eye, and there’s a hand!” and me and S.P. were like…yeah…where?? I really wanted to see it, but he was curled in a ball as usual and I couldn’t tell what from what. She also pointed out he has a full head of hair already.

The ultrasound took a long time because he seemed content to stay curled up and rest after the NST excitement. They were looking for good movement and also for him to practice breathing. She said they only do the breathing thing every 30-40 min and he decided to take about that long before showing us he could do it.

He’s measuring in the 28th percentile so I immediately got worried that was too small, but the doc said he looks great. Not too big, not too small, just normal. So hooray for normal! Everything else is also functioning fine- placenta, fluids, umbilical cord. All good.

They also pointed out he is head down! So when I thought I felt him move over from my hip to front and center last week, I was right! He hasn’t fully dropped but is in position to do so.

After that we went to the OBGYN. My weight is good, though I’m still in shock I’m 174 lbs. I have no idea where it is all going because I don’t think I look too huge. (and I’m just going to keep telling myself that) I think my height gives it a lot of room to spread around. Everything else at the lab looked good too and for once I wasn’t low on iron.

I got my Group B strep swab, which wasn’t a big deal. Because it was described as a “vaginal and anal swab” I kept expecting a poke in the butt. I was happy to find out it was a quick swab, no speculum needed and then a quick run down the buttcrack that was barely noticeable. Now some of you are probably giggling but maybe some are relieved to find out nobody is poking them in the butthole. Pregnancy comes with enough weird stuff already, right?

They listened to his heartbeat again, the doc measured my belly and said everything looked good, and we were finally done. He also said if I went into labor, they would let it progress because he is far enough along, though it would be best if he stayed in for at least another week and a half until I reach 38 weeks.

The whole thing went from 12:30 – 4PM. Next time I’m packing snacks!