29 weeks and where did my ankles go?

I took off my socks yesterday and looked down only to find some other woman’s feet attached to my legs. These were puffy feet with smooth puffy ankles that went straight up into calves that showed no definition. I nearly cried over silly vain things- I have a party tonight and wanted to wear heels. How an earth will my newly fat feet fit in my cute low heeled Mary Jane’s? How ridiculous would my dress look with sneakers?

I sat on the ouch and propped my little sausage legs in the air and continued to stare. I felt like a Talking Heads song- These are not my beautiful legs! This is not my beautiful foot! And you may ask yourself- Well, how did I get here? (letting the days go by…water flowing underground…once in a lifetime…)

My dear sweet (big fat lying) husband said I did not have cankles. Then he gave me a foot massage which helped one of my ankles make a reappearance.

Today my swelling has gone down a bit, but I fear the 3rd trimester has more surprises in store for me!



Time to start the kick counting!

I’m in my 3rd trimester now and am supposed to start counting kicks. According to CountTheKicks.org: The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that you note the time it takes to feel 10 kicks, jabs, turns, swishes, or rolls (not hiccups). A healthy baby should have 10 kicks in less than 2 hours. Most babies will take less than 30 minutes.

Some days I could get 10 kicks in 2 minutes. But sometimes I think I have a lazy baby. I feel maybe one kick an hour. And sometimes it feels like several hours before I feel something. During those times I freak out and run for the Doppler. However, the site (and many others) cautions against depending on the Doppler because by the time the heart slows or stops, it may be too late. So a baby in distress will sound just fine.

But here’s where the Doppler helps me out- my guy LOVES to kick it! Every time I get it out he will wake up and kick right where I’m pressing. Likewise, he goes absolutely bananas when they are pressing down on him with the ultrasound. So if I don’t notice kicks for a little while, and do not have the Doppler nearby, I just simulate the movement with my finger. I press down a little and try different spots on my belly. I can usually get a response in just a few minutes.

This evening I’m going to officially start the kick counting since he seems to be most active in the evenings when I’m relaxing after work. Hoping all goes well and he does his thing without too much prodding!

27 Week Update, Welcome to the 3rd Trimester!

27weeksFBI started my 3rd trimester with a bang. Ok, more of a toot actually. I farted in bed last night, much to my horror and my husband’s amusement. He was nice enough to say, “It’s ok honey, you’re pregnant it’s going to happen.” Then he giggled and said he was posting it on Facebook. After much threatening he put down his phone.

How far along:  27 weeks – I’ve seen the 3rd trimester listed as starting anywhere from 26-29 weeks, but all my pregnancy apps are welcoming me to the 3rd trimester today so I’ll go with it!

Weight gain: I won’t know until my doc visit next Monday.

Maternity clothes: I recently discovered that Buy Buy Baby has a maternity section with Motherhood Maternity clothing and it is cheaper than it is at the regular store I go to for my classes.

Stretch marks: Nope! But I do have the beginnings of a Linea Nigra that is very light and goes all the way up to my boobs.

Sleep: falling asleep is easy, but I should probably just start sleeping on the toilet since I go so much.

Best moment of this week: seeing my boy at his check-up on Monday. He was opening his mouth and trying to nibble on his arm!keelan27weeks Doc said he looks perfect and is weighing 2 lbs.

Miss anything: bending over without making groaning noises

Movement: I think he’s doing jumping jacks in there today

Food cravings: no, I just like all food in general

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope, and I’ve got the heartburn under control

Belly button in or out:  still in technically, but everything in there is starting to come out. I had 3 moles and a freckle hiding in there I didn’t know about. That explains why I always thought I had dirt in my belly button…

Wedding rings on or off: on, no swelling yet

Happy or moody most of the time: happy!!!

Looking forward to: baby registry presents arriving in the mail! I got the first one last week (a baby brezza) and it was so fun to open! I reminds me of when we got married and every day presents would come in. I just keep thinking after sending out so many presents myself, it’s finally my turn! woohoo!