A long overdue update

I remember when I started this blog and I’d blog once a day, sometimes even twice! It really helped me get through a lot and I’m grateful for the community I’ve become a part of and the other ladies I’ve become blogging buddies with. I’ve also seen a lot of them move on after having their babies. I totally understand, but I am really enjoying following the ones that are still posting baby progress. I’ve been terrible at doing updates, but I still try to catch up on all your posts every few days. Pumping does give me a lot of time stuck in a chair, playing on my phone.

I’ve been going back an forth what to do with this blog and decided I think I’m going to leave it as is. I probably won’t blog very much here anymore, but I will post a link to my new project once it gets going and hopefully some of you will join me there. I do plan to post a sporadic update now and then over here.

After Halloween I’m closing my boutique. I just really hate my son being in daycare all day. I can’t take him to work with me because I can’t ignore him while helping customers. At least in daycare he gets attention and mental stimulation.

So I’m closing up shop and starting a mommy blog called Adventures of Geek Mama (or something to that effect). I bought geekmamas.com so will point that to the site once I get it going. I think it will be a lot of fun and I’ll get some use out of my journalism degree finally.

I’m not jumping right in to the new project because I want to just take some time to finally sit back and enjoy motherhood without having my mind distracted by business. I cannot wait until after Halloween! I just have to make it through one more season since that’s my big money-making time. Then I can take a break 🙂


She’s crafty

This one is for ladyloveandbabydust. See, a t-shirt!


If you get one, try the ones on Ebay. That’s where this one is from. I got one originally through CafePress and it was so bad I had to return it. The t-shirt material was awful and the print was even worse. But the print on this one was great 🙂


Model stays thin while pregnant, people freak out, hey I made her a costume!

This popped up on my Yahoo News this morning and I keep seeing it other places now too: Pregnant Model Sarah Stage’s Tiny Belly Causes Social Media Uproar  https://gma.yahoo.com/pregnant-model-sarah-stages-tiny-belly-causes-social-184736393–abc-news-health.html

She is a little farther along than me and looks amazing, but she has obviously worked hard to stay there while I embraced a more traditional round belly physique. But she’s gained 18 lbs, which is within the healthy range and people just need to chill. Consequently, I made her a Wonder Woman costume to wear to the Playboy mansion several years ago 🙂


So far my weight gain has been just over 30. Personally, I’d be disappointed to be so far along and barely showing. I worked hard for this and it took forever! I want people to see I am pregnant from far way! Behold the awesome belly! But I’m sure it is different for a model in LA. I’d probably be all about the fitness angle if I was younger and had easily gotten pregnant. But I spent my first few months afraid to even move too swiftly in case I dislodged anything. I know that’s silly, but newly pregnant ladies are silly and paranoid. Also, 8 months+ pregnant ladies are silly and paranoid, lol.

Everyone is shaped differently. Love your belly no matter what its size 🙂

One Year Blogiversary

Wow, hard to believe exactly 1 year ago I started writing this blog as a way to keep sane during my upcoming IVF. By the time I started writing the blog, I had already been through a miscarriage, a lot of fertility treatments and several failed IUIs. Now I’m sitting here getting kicked from the inside by a very active baby. Amazing how fast it has all gone and how much difference a year makes.

My first blog entry: https://stoptellingmetorelax.wordpress.com/2014/03/07/testing/

Since I’ve had my other blog for maybe 5 years, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to keep up with another one. I barely find time to write on the other one, but this one has been so easy to keep up with. And even though I’ve had the other one for years, I never interacted or connected with other bloggers the way I have with this one. Doing an IVF blog gave me a wonderful outlet for my anxiety and the ups and downs of this pregnancy journey and I’m enjoying following other blogger’s journeys as well as sharing my own.

I don’t really have any other pregnant friends, I don’t even know anyone else who has gone through IVF and all my friends had kids years ago, so connecting with people going through similar situations at the same time has been invaluable. I think having to try so hard to get pregnant certainly gives you a different outlook on things. I’m so grateful for the people I’ve met through this blog, and those that share their stories and are sharing in my experience as well. I look forward to every comment, like and reply from all of you. It makes me feel like I have a special group of friends who understand the way others may not 🙂

Something costumey from my other blog

I did a post on my other blog about costuming while pregnant. I do events all year long that require costumes so it has been a constant challenge to work around my ever-expanding belly. So maybe those of you who are just getting pregnant now might find this handy when Halloween rolls around!


* My other blog is very public. This blog isn’t totally anonymous, more like just a little unadvertised. I don’t put my name on it because I don’t want it to show up in searches for me, but I don’t make it private because I want it to come up in searches for IVF bloggers. I keep the other blog for my costume business stuff and very rarely a post will overlap. Today is one of those days!


Me, on the right, as Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time

Dogs Love the Snoogle

I’ve seen more than 1 dog/snoogle pic posted lately and felt it was time to add my own, after my two completely took over my snoogle this morning. This was after I carefully hid it under a sheet and blanket. They dug it out, claimed it as their own and can’t seem to understand why mommy keeps hiding their new dog bed.


The silly thing that made me cry today

Just realized I know exactly how to hold a cat or dog snugly and secure in a multitude of ways but the minute I am handed a baby I get confused and awkward. I could probably hold a monkey better than I hold a baby. I Know, I know…it’s all supposed to come “naturally.” I feel like I’m waiting for a visit from the magical motherhood fairy. I have a lot to learn about furless babies.

Friends came over yesterday with their 4 month old baby. At one point I was handed the baby. I might as well been handed a squirming alien. It just felt SO weird and I had no idea what to do with it.

So while writing a Facebook post (that I deleted because I was a little embarrassed at my lack of maternal skills) I just busted out crying. Then I got upset that I was crying. I am lucky that it is the early AM and I am the only one up. I got up at 4AM because my back was hurting and then I got hungry and had to pee, so I just gave in and got up.

I really can’t wait to hold our little boy. I guess I just need to remind myself it may take some practice. I’ve been holding fur babies for 30-something years and yesterday was probably the first time in 10 years I’ve even held a human baby. I know it will be different because he will be mine so it won’t feel as weird… I hope 🙂