C.L. & S.P.

C.L. & S.P.

This is my IVF journal, which I felt like I need to write so I won’t go totally crazy keeping it all inside.

  • * Side note- I am no longer updating this blog, and have moved to a new blog at www.GeekMamas.com

And now back to the original post from 2014:

But where to start? I guess it’s good to start with a little history and how we got here. But I’m going to keep it short because this is about what is happening now and not about the past.

We are CL (me) & SP (husband). I’m keeping the blog fairly anonymous for now because it’s easier for me to just let loose and not worry about who’s reading. Married for 12 years, pregnant once, naturally by surprise, ended in miscarriage at 7 weeks, I was 31 at the time. Tried naturally for a couple years with no luck. Then was diagnosed and had surgery for endometriosis a couple years ago. Tried IUI a few times and all kind of drugs, no luck. Also tried alternative methods like acupuncture, herbs, diet changes, etc. We were one of those couples plagued with “unexplained infertility,” though now at 38 and 43, we have age working against us and the infertility is a little more explainable with diminished ovarian reserve on my part.

I recently did a more detailed breakdown of my TTC history: https://stoptellingmetorelax.wordpress.com/2014/06/11/a-more-in-depth-review-of-my-ttc-history/

And that brings us to now, where we are turning to our last hope, IVF. We are pretty set on a 3 strikes and we’re out mentality. If it doesn’t happen then we are just going to accept the “it wasn’t meant to be” attitude and get another dog. We have tiptoed around the topic of adoption, but are not totally sold on the idea.

Looking forward to meeting and blogging with other going through the same thing. And anyone who has ever done the TTC thing knows why the blog is called “Stop Telling Me to Relax!”


* UPDATE 9/2- I got my BFP Aug. 6th after our first round of IVF! As nothing has gone smoothly in this journey, we are both shocked, thrilled and cautious. I am at 7 weeks 5 days today and everything is looking good. We saw the heartbeat on the ultrasound and the baby is measuring just right.

*Final Update- one year and one healthy baby later I am trying to find the time to keep up with blogging between naps and diaper changes 🙂



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  1. I found your blog because of the title! My ultimate, always and forever pet peeve is when people tell me to relax. I don’t even have a temper, but hearing that makes me flip out! Congratulations on your successful IVF pregnancy, I also had my son via IVF so I relate to your experience.

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