Long time, no blog

It’s been just over 6 months and I totally understand why people say goodbye and give up their blog. Life with baby is crazy, wonderful, overwhelming, busy and exhausting and barely leaves room for anything else.

I stopped breastfeeding and pumping a couple weeks ago and have fallen behind in blog reading since then. I completely enjoy having my boobs back to myself, but I do kind of miss my forced 30 min. of sitting still.

I have moment now because K is asleep after projectile vomiting on me twice and having explosive diarrhea. You can’t really go back to sleep after that. We are dealing with our first stomach virus. It involves a lot of clothes changing. 

Other than the current situation, things have been great. I am trying to find the time to create my new blog. I really loved blogging through my IVF experience and want to continue in a new setting.

I miss my blogging buddies! So while I still have a moment to myself I’m going to go catch up on all of your stories now 🙂 



Has it really been six months?

Wow, I miss you guys. My phone is being weird so this is going to be a photo update and then I’ll do an actual post later.