5 months!

I feel like I’m repeating myself every post with wow it goes so fast! I guess that’s good because I recall the first few weeks felt like they lasted an eternity. 

Keelan is rolling both ways so we are working on not swaddling him and getting him to sleep in his crib. It’s a little iffy still. 

We tried to feed solids but he doesn’t seem into it quite yet. I actually need to try again today. 

He’s not sleeping all the way through the night but we are getting some nice five and six hour stretches. I’ll take it after the weeks of waking up every two or three hours. 

I’m fascinated just watching him discover the world and interact with it. It seems he learns something new every day! I think he’s starting to ham it up for the camera now too, lol



4 thoughts on “5 months!

  1. My heart melts whenever I see photos of him! And I agree with you- didn’t you literally just post his 4 month update like, last week? lol! He’s getting so big. Soon he will be crawling then walking and we will both be thinking ‘where did that time go?!’. I’m glad to hear both you and him are going well. Hopefully in another month he will be sleeping through the night and you can get a full nights sleep! 😀 xx

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