To my fellow pumpers

For anyone pumping with the aid of the hands free bra, I suggest ditching it right now and grabbing the closest sports bra. A couple snips on the nips and you will have a pumping bra ten times more comfortable! I don’t know what took me so long to figure this out. It’s been almost 6 months! 

I forgot my bra in a hotel room. If the maid doesn’t know what it is then she’s going to think we were a little kinky…lol   So with no pump bra I sacrificed a tight sports bra and cut little holes in the nip area. So much better! I don’t know why that other bra doesn’t have shoulder straps. I wish I would have thought of this months ago!

So that’s why I wanted to share it 🙂


One of us slept through the night!

That would be little K not me, because I was too busy waking up every hour in disbelief and then checking to make sure he was ok. He fussed a bit at midnight and got an arm out of his swaddle, so I let the other one out, gave him his pacifier and he was out! He slept from 9pm to 7:30am. It was amazing 🙂


5 months!

I feel like I’m repeating myself every post with wow it goes so fast! I guess that’s good because I recall the first few weeks felt like they lasted an eternity. 

Keelan is rolling both ways so we are working on not swaddling him and getting him to sleep in his crib. It’s a little iffy still. 

We tried to feed solids but he doesn’t seem into it quite yet. I actually need to try again today. 

He’s not sleeping all the way through the night but we are getting some nice five and six hour stretches. I’ll take it after the weeks of waking up every two or three hours. 

I’m fascinated just watching him discover the world and interact with it. It seems he learns something new every day! I think he’s starting to ham it up for the camera now too, lol


Rollin, Rollin, Rollin

As the title suggests, we are now rolling! It goes like this: sit baby down on play mat, look away, look back and baby is face down arms flailing about. 

He doesn’t quite have rolling back over figured out and is still not a big fan of tummy time. But with rolling comes learning to sleep unswaddled and transitioning to his crib. Big stuff on the horizon!