19 weeks and change is comingĀ 

It’s been quite an adventure these first 19 weeks. I feel like we are on the edge of a lot of things. We got our 4 month groove on but things are getting ready to change!

On the horizon – rolling, crawling, teething, crib sleeping, transition out of swaddle, eating solids

So much is about to change I’m trying not to freak out because I finally feel like I got this. I hear things start moving fast once they start rolling over. We aren’t quite there yet but we are working on teething. Everything goes in the mouth!



Four months!

Four months in and I still am trying to figure out balancing self, home, work and baby. There are a lot of highs where my heart feels too big for my chest and then there are moments I want to tear my hair out. More good than bad though! It’s worth every single moment.