A long overdue update

I remember when I started this blog and I’d blog once a day, sometimes even twice! It really helped me get through a lot and I’m grateful for the community I’ve become a part of and the other ladies I’ve become blogging buddies with. I’ve also seen a lot of them move on after having their babies. I totally understand, but I am really enjoying following the ones that are still posting baby progress. I’ve been terrible at doing updates, but I still try to catch up on all your posts every few days. Pumping does give me a lot of time stuck in a chair, playing on my phone.

I’ve been going back an forth what to do with this blog and decided I think I’m going to leave it as is. I probably won’t blog very much here anymore, but I will post a link to my new project once it gets going and hopefully some of you will join me there. I do plan to post a sporadic update now and then over here.

After Halloween I’m closing my boutique. I just really hate my son being in daycare all day. I can’t take him to work with me because I can’t ignore him while helping customers. At least in daycare he gets attention and mental stimulation.

So I’m closing up shop and starting a mommy blog called Adventures of Geek Mama (or something to that effect). I bought geekmamas.com so will point that to the site once I get it going. I think it will be a lot of fun and I’ll get some use out of my journalism degree finally.

I’m not jumping right in to the new project because I want to just take some time to finally sit back and enjoy motherhood without having my mind distracted by business. I cannot wait until after Halloween! I just have to make it through one more season since that’s my big money-making time. Then I can take a break 🙂


9 thoughts on “A long overdue update

  1. Wow, it sounds like your life is about to change even more in the near future! Great for you to know what is important to you and for finding a way to make it happen.
    I am so excited for your new blog! I will absolutely follow.

    • Thanks! Yes, I’m about to make some very big changes! I’ve had my business for 10 years now and thought it was something I’d always do. But my heart just isn’t in it anymore. I built it around corsets and sexy costumes and now I’m more interested in family events and kids costumes. Totally opposite end of the spectrum. I can’t believe how much motherhood has changed me. I just really want to immerse myself in this experience. I tried for it for so long, might as well really embrace everything that comes with it! I still enjoy sexy costumes of course…just maybe with less cleavage now and more on the “cute” side, lol.

  2. I really meant to keep up on reading other blogs, those I followed during my own journey. And I still would like to, I just need to find a way to balance it all, making time for Nora and everything else seems to be my biggest challenge.

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