A long overdue update

I remember when I started this blog and I’d blog once a day, sometimes even twice! It really helped me get through a lot and I’m grateful for the community I’ve become a part of and the other ladies I’ve become blogging buddies with. I’ve also seen a lot of them move on after having their babies. I totally understand, but I am really enjoying following the ones that are still posting baby progress. I’ve been terrible at doing updates, but I still try to catch up on all your posts every few days. Pumping does give me a lot of time stuck in a chair, playing on my phone.

I’ve been going back an forth what to do with this blog and decided I think I’m going to leave it as is. I probably won’t blog very much here anymore, but I will post a link to my new project once it gets going and hopefully some of you will join me there. I do plan to post a sporadic update now and then over here.

After Halloween I’m closing my boutique. I just really hate my son being in daycare all day. I can’t take him to work with me because I can’t ignore him while helping customers. At least in daycare he gets attention and mental stimulation.

So I’m closing up shop and starting a mommy blog called Adventures of Geek Mama (or something to that effect). I bought geekmamas.com so will point that to the site once I get it going. I think it will be a lot of fun and I’ll get some use out of my journalism degree finally.

I’m not jumping right in to the new project because I want to just take some time to finally sit back and enjoy motherhood without having my mind distracted by business. I cannot wait until after Halloween! I just have to make it through one more season since that’s my big money-making time. Then I can take a break 🙂


Almost 3 Months

I had a nice long post but my wordpress app was acting up and wouldn’t post or save draft. So now it is a short post with pics 🙂

Just over 11 weeks now and things get better every day! He gets more alert and spends more awake time not crying. I love it when he just hangs out with us and interacts. There’s a new coo or sound every day. And the smiles! I can’t get enough of them. 

Happy 4th of July to everyone 🙂