First day of school

Ok not exactly school but it makes me feel better than calling it daycare. And it IS technically called a “learning center.”

We have no family closer than 3 hours so the only way for me to go back to work and gain a little sanity was the daycare option. He’s 8 weeks old now and they can actually start at 6 weeks. I did a lot of research and toured a few centers before going with this one, which I really liked. A lot of them were old and dreary. I’d cry if I had to leave him in some of those places!

I don’t want him to be in there all day though. His first day he did four hours and that seemed pretty good. Also, omg four hours never went so fast. I know I could use more time but I also want to spend as much baby time as I can. I have to with on finding that magical balance. 

He was chillin on a boppy and staring at a mobile when I went in to pick him up. Everything went great on his first day. And I didn’t even cry when I dropped him off! 

I think it will be good for both of us though. He’s an only child so it will give him a chance to get socialized and be with other kids. Probably a good idea for him to see other babies so he doesn’t start thinking he’s one of the dogs… Lol




5 thoughts on “First day of school

  1. So glad you’re first day went well! Ours isn’t until September (no daycare availability before that), but I think our little one will like it as well. He seems to like entertainment πŸ™‚

    • I was lucky I only had to wait 2 weeks to get in! I actually started doing tours when he was just 6 weeks old. I’m glad I had to wait though. I was just losing my mind in the first month and was getting desperate for some help after my husband went back to work and seemed like he was gone all the time. But we made it work πŸ™‚

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