More about poop

After 6 days of no poop (the baby, not me), I got concerned and called the doc even though googling this actually will tell you it’s normal. 

They suggest rectal stimulation, which meant poking him in the butt with a thermometer or Q-tip. You never feel quite so creepy as when you type “rectal stimulation baby” into google. I wanted to make sure I was doing it correctly! 

Poking a squirmy baby in the butt is easier said then done. I chose to go with the Q-tip since it was disposable. I put a little Vaseline on the tip, stuck the cotton part in, gave it a little turn and waited for a miracle. 

Nothing came exploding out like the Internet warned me about. I had covered everything in towels just in case. But a few hours later the poop strike was over and we had an impressive full load diaper. Pretty amazing when simple stuff works!

You’re going to put that where?


4 thoughts on “More about poop

  1. Awesome. Ha Ha Ha. I can totally relate! My little guy has constipation issues as well. He’s on multivitamins with iron and iron is very constipating. Unfortunately, we need to stay on it because he’s a preemie and has no iron stores. I think I’ve tried every trick! Hope he stays regular for you!!!

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