We Survived Our Two Month Shots

Keelan got his two month check-up and first round of shots this week and it went a lot better than I thought. I read a ton of horror stories first, so I was prepared for the worse. As a side note, I keep accidentally typing shits instead of shots. Gives the post a whole new meaning…

He got three shots and a oral med. the needles were freakin huge! And this is from someone very used to needles. Two in one leg and one on the other. He turned beet red and screamed and cried. Right after I immediately swaddled and cuddled until he was soothed and then gave him a bottle. He was asleep by the time we got in the car. 

No fever but he woke later crying and was a little fussy. He slept most of the day. Overall he took it really well and was back to normal the next day. 

And he is now 10 lbs 2 oz and 23″ long! 



Two Months and Growing Fast

Hard to believe I have a two month old! It has gone by in a crazy blur. I’ve been able to get a little more done with him in daycare, but I don’t want to leave him in too long so I feel like I’m always rushing back to get him. I always make sure we have plenty of our own playtime and snuggle time each day. But daycare really has bean a godsend as far as helping me be able to feel like productive functioning human again and a happy mommy is a good mommy. 

Keelan is growing fast and has finally said goodbye to his newborn diapers and clothes. It was a little sad but exciting to move on. He can hold his head up really well which makes him look more like a tiny human than a baby bobble head. So cute! It also makes things easier like picking him up and not having to put rolled blankets in his car seat. 

He hasn’t done a full unassisted roll over yet and is not a fan of tummy time. He makes all kinds of noises and one of them sounds like mama, but I’m not counting first words until they are for real. He also makes a noise that sounds like woo! Woo! So my mom has taken to calling herself WuWu instead of grandma.

Sometimes I just sit and stare at him and marvel that he is mine and I made him. So amazing and it gets better every week!


First day of school

Ok not exactly school but it makes me feel better than calling it daycare. And it IS technically called a “learning center.”

We have no family closer than 3 hours so the only way for me to go back to work and gain a little sanity was the daycare option. He’s 8 weeks old now and they can actually start at 6 weeks. I did a lot of research and toured a few centers before going with this one, which I really liked. A lot of them were old and dreary. I’d cry if I had to leave him in some of those places!

I don’t want him to be in there all day though. His first day he did four hours and that seemed pretty good. Also, omg four hours never went so fast. I know I could use more time but I also want to spend as much baby time as I can. I have to with on finding that magical balance. 

He was chillin on a boppy and staring at a mobile when I went in to pick him up. Everything went great on his first day. And I didn’t even cry when I dropped him off! 

I think it will be good for both of us though. He’s an only child so it will give him a chance to get socialized and be with other kids. Probably a good idea for him to see other babies so he doesn’t start thinking he’s one of the dogs… Lol



More about poop

After 6 days of no poop (the baby, not me), I got concerned and called the doc even though googling this actually will tell you it’s normal. 

They suggest rectal stimulation, which meant poking him in the butt with a thermometer or Q-tip. You never feel quite so creepy as when you type “rectal stimulation baby” into google. I wanted to make sure I was doing it correctly! 

Poking a squirmy baby in the butt is easier said then done. I chose to go with the Q-tip since it was disposable. I put a little Vaseline on the tip, stuck the cotton part in, gave it a little turn and waited for a miracle. 

Nothing came exploding out like the Internet warned me about. I had covered everything in towels just in case. But a few hours later the poop strike was over and we had an impressive full load diaper. Pretty amazing when simple stuff works!

You’re going to put that where?