Things they never told me about poop

When you have a baby, your life centers around poop. What color is it? How many diapers did he go through? When is he finally going to poop? Etc. 

Seems my baby classes all focused on the first poop- the black tar meconium. Then the color change to mustard and so on. But there were a couple things not mentioned-

1) Newborn poop doesn’t stink even after the color change. I thought I’d be gagging trying to change diapers and here I was just being excited to announce “oh we have mustard seed poo today!” No stink the first couple weeks. (Not sure if this is same for formula fed babies)

After a few weeks they did start to get a little stinky but nothing compared to the farts. The farts will singe your nose hair. 

2) The stinky poo is usually the big blowout one that comes after a poop strike. Not one class mentioned the fact that breastfed babies can go days without pooping. The milk is so nutritious they use it all up with very little waste. I thought that was pretty amazing!  We are currently in an every third day poop cycle. 

I feel like this might be an even better sell for encouraging breastfeeding. Like yes we know it’s nutritious and encourages bonding but did you also know it makes poop disappear? Lol


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