Less Picky Posting

Two blogs in one day, omg! Well I started posting from my phone and not worrying too much about it being perfect. I got a feeling this new attitude is going to be manifesting in other parts of my life as I try and adjust to the new mom thing.

Also with the phone I can use “talk to text” and make it even easier!

I was trying to decide if I wanted to change the blog to a public blog and make a lot of changes and improvements. I was going to expand it and add new sections and articles, big plans! Well, that will be a while! And until then, I’m going to keep this blog what I originally started it as-a blog to keep me sane. A place to unload. A place to share with others in similar situations. 

The only thing that doesn’t fit so much any more is the name. Nobody’s really telling me to relax anymore. They’re all telling me “sleep when the baby sleeps.”

Yeah right. Who’s got these magical sleeping babies? 


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