Induction scheduled for tomorrow!

I go in tomorrow morning at 6AM to get the party started! I’ll be 39 weeks 5 days at that point. They said they will either start with a tablet they insert or Pitocin right off. I’m currently 2cm dilated and 45% effaced. The doc did a membrane sweep today to see if that would move things along faster.

It didn’t hurt at all really- just uncomfortable pressure. I was worried it would hurt and was not going to do it, but she just casually mentioned it and sort of went for it before I had much time to protest. Honestly I wasn’t even sure if that’s what she was doing since it didn’t hurt and it just sounded like something that would. I asked when she was done and she said it went well and that I would probably have some spotting later.

I am glad we are going ahead with the induction. Seems the low Papp-A thing did affect his growth. His abdomen is measuring small which is a sign of growth restriction. His head is also small (I’m not complaining about that one! lol) He does have some long arms and legs though, with those measuring right on time. Head and abdomen are measuring closer to 35 weeks size. But with everything averaged together he has gone up from 20th percentile to 40th. They said he looks to be about 6lbs 12 oz.

By this time tomorrow I could be holding my baby boy!


26 thoughts on “Induction scheduled for tomorrow!

      • Good luck with that! I sure hope you get lots of rest. Maybe you could take a relaxing shower, get a massage and take some sleepy time tea?

        I couldn’t even sleep the night before IUI. I am not sure if Ill be able to sleep the night before labor.

  1. just seeing this now! so exciting! i will be in a very similar situation next week 🙂 and at 39w5d as well. i can’t wait to meet your little man and hear about your experience. good luck!

  2. I’m just commenting again to let you know that I’ve been obsessively updating my newsfeed all day! I’ve been thinking of you non stop and hope everything is going well! Hopefully he is here by now, I bet he is beautiful. But I just wanted you to know you’re in my thoughts and I hope you’re okay! Xx

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