39 Weeks, 3 Days and holding

untitledScrew the whole bumpdate thing, I’m skipping straight to the only thing that matters right now:

Labor Signs:

1) Monday I lost my mucus plug. It was quite exciting and I thought things would be moving along swiftly after that but no such luck.

2) I have Braxton Hicks contractions here and there but no real ones to speak of. Several times in the middle of the night I feel lightly crampy and wake up thinking please, pleeeeeease let this be a contraction. My uterus is not listening.

3) Baby boy has dropped down, way down and facing back. So far down he bumps into delicate nerves that send little lightening bolts of pain through my crotchal reqion. Crossing my legs is a fond memory.

4) 25% Effaced, but no dilation on last check

What I’m looking forward to:

Getting checked again on Monday and making some big decisions! Praying for some progress because if I can’t go into labor naturally, I still want to at least have the baby without a C section. If it comes to that, ok, I understand. But it’s a last resort. To be honest, the whole idea of having major surgery while awake absolutely freaks me out. But I am SO ready to hold this kiddo in my arms and smother him with kisses!


10 thoughts on “39 Weeks, 3 Days and holding

    • I am so anxious for my doc visit tomorrow! Will be posting again after that, hopefully with something exciting. At least some sort of game plan 🙂

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