Just do what got you there in the first place

Still pregnant? Just do what got you there in the first place! Said with a wink and chuckle.

In my obviously ready to pop state, people keep offering their unsolicited labor inducing advice, with the #1 recommendation being sex. I know it’s an innocent comment since to most people sex = pregnancy, but of course that’s not the case here.

My reply? “So… hormone drugs, needles and doctors? I’ve got that scheduled on Monday, thanks.” 🙂

Still hoping to avoid that appointment!


8 thoughts on “Just do what got you there in the first place

  1. My fingers are crossed for you! I don’t know about you but it’s totally crazy to think/know I will meet my baby, one way or another, in just a few short days. Especially when for so long it seemed like something that would never happen. I’m so happy for you!

    • It is pretty crazy! I’m excited but I think the waiting and increasing uncomfortableness have made me a little irritable and short tempered. Or maybe it is hormones? Or a combo of all three. I am also conflicted feeling like I should enjoy these last days of him chilling in my belly but at the same time I can’t wait to get him out!

  2. Enjoy every single minute of still being pregnant. Our boy was born on Monday and it’s been a rough ride so far – mostly because I’m not sleeping. And I thought pregnancy insomnia was bad 😉

    • Both are a rough ride, I’m just ready to get off this one and try a new one. There’s nothing enjoyable about this last week- at least on the other side there’s a sweet baby to make it all worth it. Right now I have all the rough stuff plus the ever increasing anxiety of whether he is doing ok in there! I am trying to embrace the few things I can enjoy now and not later- like swimming and long afternoon naps whenever I want.

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