First Cervix Check, 38 weeks 4 days

I went for my first cervix check yesterday. I was so nervous after reading a lot of horror stories online of how it hurt. It didn’t hurt one bit! I guess after years of all the infertility treatments, catheters through the cervix, biopsies, cameras and microscopes jammed in there, a couple fingers reaching for your tonsils is nothing. Quick painless pressure and he was done.

The verdict was 25% effaced with no dilation. So the plan is to come back on Monday, if I make it until then, check again and then we make the big decisions on induction date if necessary.

I was happy to at least have a smidgen of progress to report. Another positive note was baby has dropped, head down and facing back. He is in the perfect position for birth. Totally freaked me out when the doc grabbed his head from the outside and jiggled it and said “there’s his head.” That felt really weird from the inside.

No contractions yet besides very mild cramping, like the kind you get the day before your period. But moments after writing my last blog on trying to naturally speed things along, I lost my mucus plug! At first I was confused as to why there was a raspberry floating in the toilet. Then I was like…”is that it….??? Maybe….” Then about an hour later some giant snot globs came out that left no question.

So I am officially making progress! It is very exciting but also frustratingly slow. Come on little man…let’s get things moving 🙂


17 thoughts on “First Cervix Check, 38 weeks 4 days

  1. Hooray for progress!!!!! I hope that you don’t make it to your appt next week!! 😁😉 I didn’t notice losing my plug, but I also don’t turn the light on to pee at night…

    • I hope I don’t make it either! Even if I missed the first toilet blob, the rest if it went in my underwear so there was no missing it. Of course when I finally added a pantyliner it stopped. Gross but exciting. Much like this whole experience, lol.

    • It was a total surprise! I can see how it would be easily overlooked if it just fell in the toilet. I saw mine since it happened in smaller bits. I polled my friends and it seems to be 50/50 as far as who saw it and who didn’t.

  2. Oh my gosh. Just the thought of the doctor being able to wiggle the baby’s head like that. Crazy! Hoping the little dude makes his big debut before the induction cutoff! Seems like the mucus plug is a good sign!

      • No dilation and baby was not dropped. They gave me misoprostol/cytotec first, but baby didn’t react well to it so they ended up giving me cervidil. That worked well. Got me to 4 cm and 85% effaced. Misoprostol only got me to maybe 1cm. Your way ahead of me…so that’s good news and the induction drugs will probably work better. If you are already dilated they might even used foley bulb. Have they talked to you about what they would give you??

      • They just mentioned a gel, a tape or Pitocin. I don’t know what any of those big words you mentioned are yet, lol. They will go over in more detail if I make it till Monday and then I choose a method.

      • Since your body is doing what it needs to soften cervix you will likely skip the cervix softners I had (miso and cervidil) and skip to pitocin. I eventually got pitocin after my cervix thinned. Keep using your natural cervix thinners at home. Let me know if you have any questions. This is so exciting

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