Natural Induction Strategies

I am very ready for this little boy to make his grand entrance and I’ve never been really good at just sitting around an waiting. Funny nine or so months ago I was obsessively googling symptoms while now I’m obsessively googling how to get him out! The doc said he is full term and ready to go any day. I am actually getting checked later today to see if I’ve made any progress. I’m insanely curious. So this past week, this is what I’ve tried:

* eating pineapple

* Sex

* walking

* sitting/ bouncing on a birthing ball

* acupressure combined with a “Come Out Baby” massage

* the massage was also paired with a hypnobabies session

I got nothing so far. No contractions other than the random Braxton Hicks stuff. He has dropped low into my pelvis at least. I can feel him banging into nerves down there, sending shooting pains like little lightening bolts. He was turned to the side last time though, so I’m hoping he’s decided to face back now.

Wednesday I have another massage scheduled. My official due date is April 16, but they won’t let me go over that date due to the low Papp-A and are already talking induction options. I really want to avoid that and am hoping he will be ready to make an early appearance on his own!


7 thoughts on “Natural Induction Strategies

  1. Ohhhhh!!! Fingers crossed your body naturally starts getting down to business! Losing your mucus plug is exciting and hopefully a good sign!!

    I’ve also heard that spicy food, sexy time, and picking up heavy things can put you into labor too! Old wives tales? Maybe… but hey- worth a shot! 🙂

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