I got buzzed

My NST on Monday was a little more eventful than the first. Baby was jumping all around all morning and must have worn himself out because when I got hooked up he decided to take a nap. After 20 min. of not much activity the nurse casually says, I’m just going to buzz you and comes at me with this small device and stuck it on my stomach before I had a chance to ask exactly what she meant by that. Turns out it was just a tiny vibration that was on there for like 2 seconds.

Cue the aerobics! I didn’t think such a small buzz was going to do anything, but his heart rate shot up to the 170s and stayed there so long that the machine’s alarm started going off, which of course freaked me out because I thought they gave my baby a heart attack. He finally calmed back down when my husband started singing lullabies to my belly. We got into the 140s and passed the test after that.

Next up was the ultrasound. This time it went pretty fast since he was still moving all around and practicing breathing a lot. They said all looked good and fluid looked good. I didn’t get an updated weight though, because they said there was a margin of error with ultrasounds so they only do that every 3 weeks or so. I was concerned about growth due to my low Papp-A and they said they can tell if he is growth restricted or having issues from the basic measurements they did and my fluid levels.

I did however find out some interesting news! When I brought up my concerns about tracking his growth and making sure all is good, the doc let me know they would not let him go past 40 weeks due to my low Papp-A. Next Monday my cervix will be checked to see if I’m making any progress. I have one more Monday after that to progress on my own before they start talking induction. So this baby will be born by April 16th whether he wants to or not! So crazy! I really hope he decides to show up on his own.


14 thoughts on “I got buzzed

      • My little man loves it lol! But daddy plays a lot of video games so he’s used to it. Being buzzed at the clinic probably would do anything unless daddy started talking loud hahaha

      • Probably TMI but all I could think was “I wonder what happens when women use vibrators when pregnant?” Like, do those babies not respond at all to the buzzer?? lol

  1. I wish they did that to me vs. me hooked up to NST for 40 minutes and making me all paranoid! They fed me cheese stick and water. I tried telling them he is not a morning person 😛

    • I think he was asleep because they told me to eat first. But he’s like me- he goes crazy when he’s hungry and then naps when he’s full. Next time I’m going in hungry!

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