36 weeks today! Now the fun really starts…

36weeksFBThe last month is not fun. I can’t wear my rings or even my shoes. I understand now why people really are “barefoot and pregnant.” It’s because none of their shoes fit. I waddle. I also snore, which I have NEVER done in my life. My thighs rub. The list goes on…*sigh* Can’t wait to meet this little guy and start the next phase.

How far along:  36 weeks

Weight gain: I started around 130ish…I just hit over 170. Shows no signs of stopping. Crappity crap.

Maternity clothes: I stopped buying new maternity stuff and have just started wearing the same few things every day. Things are slow at work. I don’t think anyone has noticed.

Stretch marks: None yet! yay!

Sleep: I get up to pee every 2 hours. Had the worst sleep of my life last night. I kept dreaming I was peeing. I was totally afraid I was going to wet the bed! And then I was afraid I wouldn’t know if I wet the bed or my water broke so I kept freaking out about going to sleep.

Best moment of this week: the day I hobbled into a nail place and got a deluxe spa pedicure since I can only fit into my husband’s flip flops now

Miss anything: not having a basketball in my lap, being able to stay away from a toilet for more than an hour, standing without feet swelling

Movement: Jumping around today thank goodness. Yesterday was a lazy day for him and I spent all day freaking out and poking him and shaking my belly like snow globe.

Food cravings: cake and all things sweet

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope

Belly button in or out:  still in but kinda flat and weird

Wedding rings on or off: off with no sign of going back on for a while

Labor signs: I haven’t had many Braxton Hicks lately. I thought he had dropped lower the other day but everyone tells me I’d feel more pressure so I guess not. I just feel him wiggling a lot lower now.

Happy or moody most of the time: happy, moody, crying, happy

Looking forward to: doc appointment on Monday along with ultrasound. That starts my weekly visits so I get to see him every week! Still love the ultrasounds every chance I get.


12 thoughts on “36 weeks today! Now the fun really starts…

  1. You look awesome! Happy 36 weeks!!! =) The home stretch!!!!
    The last month-ish is pretty crazy, isn’t it? Hopefully these babies get here relatively soon so we have a little relief & can enjoy them!!

  2. You look beautiful. Before you know it you won’t have a belly, so enjoy. Also, the weight comes off rather easily. It’s the last 7-10 pounds that are the hardest to lose ( at least for me)!

  3. Oh my gosh! Didn’t you just get pregnant! Now it’s sort of a ‘he could be here at any time’ situation! The time has just flown by- at least for me it has! Lol. I’m so excited and happy for you. Can’t wait to read the next update 🙂 xx

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