Model stays thin while pregnant, people freak out, hey I made her a costume!

This popped up on my Yahoo News this morning and I keep seeing it other places now too: Pregnant Model Sarah Stage’s Tiny Belly Causes Social Media Uproar–abc-news-health.html

She is a little farther along than me and looks amazing, but she has obviously worked hard to stay there while I embraced a more traditional round belly physique. But she’s gained 18 lbs, which is within the healthy range and people just need to chill. Consequently, I made her a Wonder Woman costume to wear to the Playboy mansion several years ago 🙂


So far my weight gain has been just over 30. Personally, I’d be disappointed to be so far along and barely showing. I worked hard for this and it took forever! I want people to see I am pregnant from far way! Behold the awesome belly! But I’m sure it is different for a model in LA. I’d probably be all about the fitness angle if I was younger and had easily gotten pregnant. But I spent my first few months afraid to even move too swiftly in case I dislodged anything. I know that’s silly, but newly pregnant ladies are silly and paranoid. Also, 8 months+ pregnant ladies are silly and paranoid, lol.

Everyone is shaped differently. Love your belly no matter what its size 🙂


5 thoughts on “Model stays thin while pregnant, people freak out, hey I made her a costume!

  1. this was talked about on my birth month facebook page, and I said the same thing! She looks HEALTHY. Until her docs tell her she’s doing something wrong, who are we to judge the way her body grows? When I look at that picture of her, I see a model who is easily 3-4x her pre-preg size… Its just that her pre-preg size is 4-8x smaller than most people. lol Love this, and I love the cosutme you made for her!! So cool!!!

    • Thanks! And yeah, I think she looks great. She obviously has a belly but it’s a tone belly, just like the rest of her. She doesn’t look scary skinny, just athletic. We each approach our changing bodies in our own way 🙂

  2. That’s pretty cool you made her costume!!! And heck yeah, she looks great but she doesn’t look anorexic or horribly obese so good for her!

    A lady stopped to tell me I look adorable today and it made my day! I wish people would stop being so negative!

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