33 weeks and sweet baby cheeks

Went for a 3D ultrasound yesterday at 33 weeks, 4 days and nearly didn’t get to see anything because my little booger had his legs in his face the whole time! He was an upside down pretzel with his head lodged in my hip. He finally moved his legs to the side and came forward a bit. The dark spots around his head are my hips bones. But that face! I am so in love 🙂33weeks3D2Every time I look at that photo I am just in shock that he is IN me! Looking so cute like a real baby and not a blob anymore. He was a cute little blob of course, and a cute little skeleton alien, but to see him all filled out is just amazing!



9 thoughts on “33 weeks and sweet baby cheeks

  1. i just found a half price wagjag for our local UC Baby 🙂 i’m buying it today. what a great face shot. i hope we’re as lucky.

    • I had to look up what a wagjag was! lol. I first went at 16 weeks and got a lot of good images because he had a lot of room. This one was 33 weeks so he is running out of space! I think I might have gotten more if I had gone a couple weeks earlier. I was trying to find the perfect time when he still had some room and but looked like an actual baby. It took about 20 min. just to get him in the right spot for this shot!

      • my deal is 15 minutes to watch her and then one take away 4X6. i hope we get a good shot because it’s a one time deal. no re-dos. she was in the perfect position at our regular ultrasound last friday and we were able to see her facial features. i am REALLY hoping she’s stayed the same position by this friday.

    • I have no patience! lol. My husband is actually away all week so my mom is staying with me and I wanted her to have a chance to see him. She had never seen a live ultrasound before. So it was a pretty good excuse to go do the elective thing 🙂

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