I got buzzed

My NST on Monday was a little more eventful than the first. Baby was jumping all around all morning and must have worn himself out because when I got hooked up he decided to take a nap. After 20 min. of not much activity the nurse casually says, I’m just going to buzz you and comes at me with this small device and stuck it on my stomach before I had a chance to ask exactly what she meant by that. Turns out it was just a tiny vibration that was on there for like 2 seconds.

Cue the aerobics! I didn’t think such a small buzz was going to do anything, but his heart rate shot up to the 170s and stayed there so long that the machine’s alarm started going off, which of course freaked me out because I thought they gave my baby a heart attack. He finally calmed back down when my husband started singing lullabies to my belly. We got into the 140s and passed the test after that.

Next up was the ultrasound. This time it went pretty fast since he was still moving all around and practicing breathing a lot. They said all looked good and fluid looked good. I didn’t get an updated weight though, because they said there was a margin of error with ultrasounds so they only do that every 3 weeks or so. I was concerned about growth due to my low Papp-A and they said they can tell if he is growth restricted or having issues from the basic measurements they did and my fluid levels.

I did however find out some interesting news! When I brought up my concerns about tracking his growth and making sure all is good, the doc let me know they would not let him go past 40 weeks due to my low Papp-A. Next Monday my cervix will be checked to see if I’m making any progress. I have one more Monday after that to progress on my own before they start talking induction. So this baby will be born by April 16th whether he wants to or not! So crazy! I really hope he decides to show up on his own.


Things just got serious – long appointments from here on out! – 36 and a half weeks

I’m just past 36 weeks and from here on out, due to my “advanced maternal age” and low Papp-A, looks like every Monday is going to be a very long appointment time! At least I can say I feel VERY well taken care of.

We started with fetal monitoring (the non-stress test, aka NST) and only had to be on that for 20 minutes because Keelan did what he needed to do. They want to see his heart rate accelerate when he moves and slow down when he’s resting. I got to recline in a chair with belts across my belly while an EKG machine recorded his movements. Then they gave me the belts to take home with me and bring back at every appointment.

Then we moved on to the ultrasound where they did all his measurements. They estimated his weight at 5.5 lbs. We didn’t get any pictures because he’s so crammed in there that it all just looks like a baby blob. The tech kept saying things like “look at his eye, and there’s a hand!” and me and S.P. were like…yeah…where?? I really wanted to see it, but he was curled in a ball as usual and I couldn’t tell what from what. She also pointed out he has a full head of hair already.

The ultrasound took a long time because he seemed content to stay curled up and rest after the NST excitement. They were looking for good movement and also for him to practice breathing. She said they only do the breathing thing every 30-40 min and he decided to take about that long before showing us he could do it.

He’s measuring in the 28th percentile so I immediately got worried that was too small, but the doc said he looks great. Not too big, not too small, just normal. So hooray for normal! Everything else is also functioning fine- placenta, fluids, umbilical cord. All good.

They also pointed out he is head down! So when I thought I felt him move over from my hip to front and center last week, I was right! He hasn’t fully dropped but is in position to do so.

After that we went to the OBGYN. My weight is good, though I’m still in shock I’m 174 lbs. I have no idea where it is all going because I don’t think I look too huge. (and I’m just going to keep telling myself that) I think my height gives it a lot of room to spread around. Everything else at the lab looked good too and for once I wasn’t low on iron.

I got my Group B strep swab, which wasn’t a big deal. Because it was described as a “vaginal and anal swab” I kept expecting a poke in the butt. I was happy to find out it was a quick swab, no speculum needed and then a quick run down the buttcrack that was barely noticeable. Now some of you are probably giggling but maybe some are relieved to find out nobody is poking them in the butthole. Pregnancy comes with enough weird stuff already, right?

They listened to his heartbeat again, the doc measured my belly and said everything looked good, and we were finally done. He also said if I went into labor, they would let it progress because he is far enough along, though it would be best if he stayed in for at least another week and a half until I reach 38 weeks.

The whole thing went from 12:30 – 4PM. Next time I’m packing snacks!

Don’t read the scary things

I was staring at my phone with tears streaming down my face and my husband was like “what’s wrong??”  I had unfortunately stumbled across a post from someone who was a facebook friend, but did not really know, but his wife was pregnant and due to give birth in a week. They went for their last ultrasound and there was no heartbeat. I should have stopped right there! I should have put the phone away! But I had to click it and see what happened. I read the whole story and of course it scared the crap out of me.

Pregnancy is both wonderful and exciting but godawful terrifying at the same time! Maybe if I just walked around with a fetal monitor on 24-7 I’d feel better. I thought the first trimester was going to be the scariest time. And it was nerve wracking of course. But by the 3rd trimester you’ve invested so much time and love that the thought of anything happening makes my heart nearly explode. I’ve gnawed my nails to nubs with anxiety if I haven’t felt a wiggle in an hour. I look at his room all ready, my bags packed, the crib set up in our room and just get completely freaked out. They need to make a special kind of Xanax for nervous pregnant ladies.

Today at just over 36 weeks starts my weekly ultrasound visits, which will hopefully cut down on some of my worry. I have to remind myself that the stories that I’ve read, the things that happened to people…it usually wasn’t on a closely monitored pregnancy because they thought everything was going fine. (if you have another theory, please don’t mention it because I’m hanging on a thread here) But with my “advanced maternal age” and low Papp-A results, they are going to be on it with the monitoring checking every little thing and I don’t mind one bit.

I cannot wait to get this little boy out so I can cuddle him and start on a whole new set of worries!

She’s crafty

This one is for ladyloveandbabydust. See, a t-shirt!


If you get one, try the ones on Ebay. That’s where this one is from. I got one originally through CafePress and it was so bad I had to return it. The t-shirt material was awful and the print was even worse. But the print on this one was great 🙂


36 weeks today! Now the fun really starts…

36weeksFBThe last month is not fun. I can’t wear my rings or even my shoes. I understand now why people really are “barefoot and pregnant.” It’s because none of their shoes fit. I waddle. I also snore, which I have NEVER done in my life. My thighs rub. The list goes on…*sigh* Can’t wait to meet this little guy and start the next phase.

How far along:  36 weeks

Weight gain: I started around 130ish…I just hit over 170. Shows no signs of stopping. Crappity crap.

Maternity clothes: I stopped buying new maternity stuff and have just started wearing the same few things every day. Things are slow at work. I don’t think anyone has noticed.

Stretch marks: None yet! yay!

Sleep: I get up to pee every 2 hours. Had the worst sleep of my life last night. I kept dreaming I was peeing. I was totally afraid I was going to wet the bed! And then I was afraid I wouldn’t know if I wet the bed or my water broke so I kept freaking out about going to sleep.

Best moment of this week: the day I hobbled into a nail place and got a deluxe spa pedicure since I can only fit into my husband’s flip flops now

Miss anything: not having a basketball in my lap, being able to stay away from a toilet for more than an hour, standing without feet swelling

Movement: Jumping around today thank goodness. Yesterday was a lazy day for him and I spent all day freaking out and poking him and shaking my belly like snow globe.

Food cravings: cake and all things sweet

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope

Belly button in or out:  still in but kinda flat and weird

Wedding rings on or off: off with no sign of going back on for a while

Labor signs: I haven’t had many Braxton Hicks lately. I thought he had dropped lower the other day but everyone tells me I’d feel more pressure so I guess not. I just feel him wiggling a lot lower now.

Happy or moody most of the time: happy, moody, crying, happy

Looking forward to: doc appointment on Monday along with ultrasound. That starts my weekly visits so I get to see him every week! Still love the ultrasounds every chance I get.

Model stays thin while pregnant, people freak out, hey I made her a costume!

This popped up on my Yahoo News this morning and I keep seeing it other places now too: Pregnant Model Sarah Stage’s Tiny Belly Causes Social Media Uproar  https://gma.yahoo.com/pregnant-model-sarah-stages-tiny-belly-causes-social-184736393–abc-news-health.html

She is a little farther along than me and looks amazing, but she has obviously worked hard to stay there while I embraced a more traditional round belly physique. But she’s gained 18 lbs, which is within the healthy range and people just need to chill. Consequently, I made her a Wonder Woman costume to wear to the Playboy mansion several years ago 🙂


So far my weight gain has been just over 30. Personally, I’d be disappointed to be so far along and barely showing. I worked hard for this and it took forever! I want people to see I am pregnant from far way! Behold the awesome belly! But I’m sure it is different for a model in LA. I’d probably be all about the fitness angle if I was younger and had easily gotten pregnant. But I spent my first few months afraid to even move too swiftly in case I dislodged anything. I know that’s silly, but newly pregnant ladies are silly and paranoid. Also, 8 months+ pregnant ladies are silly and paranoid, lol.

Everyone is shaped differently. Love your belly no matter what its size 🙂

Almost 35 weeks and the rings are off

34week4daysI finally did it. After jamming those rings on my slowly sausaging fingers every day, I had to just suck it up and go ringless. My fingers aren’t really all that bad. I probably wouldn’t even notice the difference if I wasn’t trying to shove wedding rings on them. I guess I just feel so conspicuous being obviously pregnant and ringless.

Doc appointment yesterday was quick, easy and uneventful. Just the way I like them! Everything looks good and measuring right on time. They let me know I get swabbed for the Group B strep next appointment. I keep eyeing the giant Q-tips my husband likes to steal and stick up his nose before the doctor comes and am wondering if that’s what they’ll use. Don’t worry, he always throws them away after he’s done pretending to be a 10 year old.

The pic is from some shots I did yesterday in a dress I’ve been working on for a couple months now. Glad it is finally finished! It’s Daenerys Targaryen’s wedding dress from Game of Thrones. She wasn’t pregnant when she wears it, but I thought it would work really well around a belly and still fit afterwards. Can’t wait until I have my little baby dragon to go with it!