The Home Stretch

I’ve heard the last couple months feel like the last forever. And they do. They really really do. I feel like I’ve been saying “just a couple more months” for like 4 months now and I’m 33 weeks tomorrow. Not doing an official update this week because there isn’t much new to tell.

I am still big. I feel like I’m getting bigger by the day, but I can’t tell in photos. My belly line is getting darker and just like the old wives tale for a baby boy, is above my belly button. My belly button is still in, but stretched and angry looking due to my surgery scar that was once inside and has now migrated to the outside.

I am constantly getting kicked and poked. It feels like he’s trying to do some sort of internal exam. My belly pushes out like that scene in Alien. When I’m not getting kicked and poked, I obsess about whether he’s doing ok and only relax with the internal assault begins again.

I still fall asleep so easily it shocks me. I have suffered with insomnia my whole life. But ever since I got pregnant, I lie down and am almost immediately asleep. It’s heavenly. I hope it lasts.

My legs and feet swell off and on. Even my socks feel too tight. My fingers have swollen enough to make wearing my wedding rings tough, but I still jam at least the band on every morning because I refuse to go in public without it. I feel weird without it and being so visibly pregnant.

Two more weeks until my next ultrasound but I’m not as freaked out by the wait as I have been before because he’s just SO active and making his presence known so much that it seems like he’s already here and part of the family. I don’t worry about him as long as he is wiggling around in there.

That’s about it. Still pregnant, still hanging in there. Still working every day after the one person who worked for me got a new job and left by text message last Monday. After 4 years. But the shop is slow this time of year so I just locked the door, took my shoes off and stuck up a sign:



2 thoughts on “The Home Stretch

  1. I can relate to so much of this! I’m 34 weeks now and feel like the days drag on and on but the weeks are going quickly. If you have access to a swimming pool I highly recommend getting in the water. It feels so good! And I love the sign you put up at work. It’s perfect 🙂

    • So true about the pool! I went in yesterday and it made me feel human again. But it has been so cold that it took 2 days to heat it up to barely tolerable. It’s too expensive to run the heater non-stop. This is the first winter in almost 10 years that I have not had a nice warm pool the whole season! It sucks! So hoping it gets a little warmer very soon so I can go in more.

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