I pee when I sneeze and other fun things

First, Happy Valentine’s Day to all! I’d really really love for this to be a romantic evening that ends in some fooling around but am worried I’m just kidding myself since I already spent the morning changing my underwear after a sneeze attack and trying to rub bottom balm on my sad butt after what I figure is another hemorrhoid attack. I think pregnancy will be forever known as the time I learned how to spell hemorrhoid correctly because I’m tired of spellcheck not even knowing how to correct the word I’m typing.

My feet, which my husband likes to call “flippers” because they are usually long and thin, have settled into some kind of perma-puffy state that only seems to comfortably fit house slippers. I honestly don’t know how princess Kate is running around the world in heels. I have some cute pink ones that would look amazing with my dress, but I think I’m going to kick it in flats. The flats don’t even match but I’m pregnant and I can get away with it.

At least I can say my boobs are going to look fabulous! That is, after I cover myself in foundation from forehead to nips. I have a roadmap of blue veins running around my chest like you wouldn’t believe. I just keep telling myself I must be getting REALLY prepared to pump out a lot of milk when the time comes!

I found some cute tights with hearts on them that match my dress, but they aren’t maternity tights and I have to figure out how to keep them up since all they do is roll down my belly. I think I may pin them to my undies.

But even with all this going on, I actually feel pretty fabulous so I went out and bought myself a tight sexy hot pink curve (and belly) hugging dress that I pray fits because I haven’t tried it on in a month. I’m going to put on some make-up, curl my hair and go out and be one hot mamma! Nobody has to know I’m mildly worried about peeing through my dress. 🙂


4 thoughts on “I pee when I sneeze and other fun things

    • I never got to wear it 😦 My husband was all sick and miserable so we ordered pizza. And here I thought I’d be the tired/miserable one! So we have a make-up date next week. Hope the dress still fits!

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