Baby Shower time!

I had my baby shower this weekend at a big candy store called Sweet Pete’s. (my name is Candy) The place is amazing! Think Willy Wonka’s but with a café and full bar. I think over 60 people showed up and I was completely overwhelmed at the turnout. I tried to make a speech and got maybe 2 sentences in before I busted out in tears and my husband had to take over. I smiled so much my face hurt at the end of the day. I just feel SO incredibly thankful and happy and loved!

I have one tip for those with baby showers coming up- do a diaper raffle! People can bring diapers of any size and they get a raffle ticket for every pack of diapers. We had a bunch of little prizes to give away and now have a whole closet of diapers from newborn up to 18+ lbs. It will be a while before we need to buy any!


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