30 weeks! Time for swollen feet, Breastfeeding Class and a Baby Shower!

FB29weeksToday I hit 30 weeks! I can’t wait until Monday when I get to see my little boy again and get all his measurements. I started doing the kick counts in the evenings but some evenings I don’t bother because he pummels me like 20 times in 10 minutes. I love it! He drives me crazy with the occasional “lazy day” where he doesn’t move as much and I freak out all day and poke him a lot. I mean A LOT. My husband is like- are you poking him again??

The feet and leg swelling comes and goes. I got some fancy minty lotion at Destination Maternity that smells nice. My cat LOVES it and will lick the couch where I had my legs propped up after I leave. I thought the sticker said $12 but it rang up as $21 and since I’ve never suffered from dyslexia, I will have to blame the pregnancy brain on that one.

I took a Breastfeeding 101 class last night, which I thought was an hour class, but it turns out was 2 1/2 hours! I was like- what are they going to talk about for that long? Isn’t itย just open mouth, insert boob? Well apparently there is more to it, and the class was really informative. I enjoyed all the info on the proper latch and how to tell if they are getting enough.

I swear the scale goes up every time I step on it. I think it’s possessed. I went through a Mc Donalds phase last month and gained too much weight so I’m eating way better this month but still gaining to the point where I fear my future clothing options. Hoping I don’t need a permanent new wardrobe.

I am totally excited about this weekend, which is Baby Shower time! With all the hoopla being made about it, friends flying in, arrangements being made and gifts arriving daily, I totally feel like we are planning a wedding instead! It went from “maybe 20 people will come” to a guest list of over 50 with a dinner the night before, a brunch and then the party. We were the first of our friends to get married, and now 13 years later, we are the last to have kids! We made it a family friendly event so everyone could come and bring the kids as well. It’s going to be quite a party ๐Ÿ™‚


13 thoughts on “30 weeks! Time for swollen feet, Breastfeeding Class and a Baby Shower!

    • 10 weeks sounds so short! I’m embracing my swollen feet by wearing fuzzy Hello Kitty slippers at work. Thank goodness I’m the boss! I told the other employees they could wear cute slippers as long as I am. It’s a good practice to lead by example, lol.

  1. How exciting about your baby shower. We are working on ours right now (7 weeks away) since we are having a gender reveal. I thought about 30 but when we got the list on paper it turned out to be like 80 people children included. I hope your shower is awesome!

    • It’s crazy how that guest list explodes! I have no idea what the final number will be. I didn’t want to scare my friend who’s in charge of it, so I keep just telling her 30ish. The place we are having it has a bar and a cafรฉ (it’s a big 3 story candy shop) so I figure we can hustle the overflow to different parts if it comes to that ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I bought everything too big at first too. I started with large t-shirts and they still don’t fit right. I finally figured out to go with smalls and mediums so things actually fit. I like to have a nice round pregnant shape instead of just a blob, which is what I feel like every time I put on a coat!

  2. I thought it was a little nutso that a breast feeding class could take 2 hours…but there’s so much info! Have a lovely time at your baby shower – sounds like it’ll be quite the shindig!

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