The Home Stretch

I’ve heard the last couple months feel like the last forever. And they do. They really really do. I feel like I’ve been saying “just a couple more months” for like 4 months now and I’m 33 weeks tomorrow. Not doing an official update this week because there isn’t much new to tell.

I am still big. I feel like I’m getting bigger by the day, but I can’t tell in photos. My belly line is getting darker and just like the old wives tale for a baby boy, is above my belly button. My belly button is still in, but stretched and angry looking due to my surgery scar that was once inside and has now migrated to the outside.

I am constantly getting kicked and poked. It feels like he’s trying to do some sort of internal exam. My belly pushes out like that scene in Alien. When I’m not getting kicked and poked, I obsess about whether he’s doing ok and only relax with the internal assault begins again.

I still fall asleep so easily it shocks me. I have suffered with insomnia my whole life. But ever since I got pregnant, I lie down and am almost immediately asleep. It’s heavenly. I hope it lasts.

My legs and feet swell off and on. Even my socks feel too tight. My fingers have swollen enough to make wearing my wedding rings tough, but I still jam at least the band on every morning because I refuse to go in public without it. I feel weird without it and being so visibly pregnant.

Two more weeks until my next ultrasound but I’m not as freaked out by the wait as I have been before because he’s just SO active and making his presence known so much that it seems like he’s already here and part of the family. I don’t worry about him as long as he is wiggling around in there.

That’s about it. Still pregnant, still hanging in there. Still working every day after the one person who worked for me got a new job and left by text message last Monday. After 4 years. But the shop is slow this time of year so I just locked the door, took my shoes off and stuck up a sign:



I pee when I sneeze and other fun things

First, Happy Valentine’s Day to all! I’d really really love for this to be a romantic evening that ends in some fooling around but am worried I’m just kidding myself since I already spent the morning changing my underwear after a sneeze attack and trying to rub bottom balm on my sad butt after what I figure is another hemorrhoid attack. I think pregnancy will be forever known as the time I learned how to spell hemorrhoid correctly because I’m tired of spellcheck not even knowing how to correct the word I’m typing.

My feet, which my husband likes to call “flippers” because they are usually long and thin, have settled into some kind of perma-puffy state that only seems to comfortably fit house slippers. I honestly don’t know how princess Kate is running around the world in heels. I have some cute pink ones that would look amazing with my dress, but I think I’m going to kick it in flats. The flats don’t even match but I’m pregnant and I can get away with it.

At least I can say my boobs are going to look fabulous! That is, after I cover myself in foundation from forehead to nips. I have a roadmap of blue veins running around my chest like you wouldn’t believe. I just keep telling myself I must be getting REALLY prepared to pump out a lot of milk when the time comes!

I found some cute tights with hearts on them that match my dress, but they aren’t maternity tights and I have to figure out how to keep them up since all they do is roll down my belly. I think I may pin them to my undies.

But even with all this going on, I actually feel pretty fabulous so I went out and bought myself a tight sexy hot pink curve (and belly) hugging dress that I pray fits because I haven’t tried it on in a month. I’m going to put on some make-up, curl my hair and go out and be one hot mamma! Nobody has to know I’m mildly worried about peeing through my dress. 🙂

31 Week Update

Keelan30weeksHow far along:  31 weeks

Total weight gain: Baby weighs 3.5 lbs at last check-up. I’m nearing 160. A few more pounds and I’ll weigh more than my husband! I honestly was thinking I’d be like 150. I did at least stop going to Mc Donald’s every day. I went through a little cheeseburger phase.

Maternity clothes: Just picked up some new jeans today at Target. They had ugly mom jeans when I first got pregnant but they just got some new ones in that look like some of the nice ones I got at the GAP.

Stretch marks: None yet! I started rubbing lotion on my belly when I’m doing kick counts in the evening. It helps with all my poking to get him to kick back and finish the count quickly. I can usually get 10 kicks in 15 minutes or less. Then he likes to continue kicking me for the next hour or so as if to be like “that’s what you get for disturbing me!”

Sleep: Falling asleep is still pretty easy but I get up every 2 hours to pee, almost to the minute.

Best moment of this week: First my baby shower on Sunday and then the ultrasound Monday. He has sprouts of hair! And he was opening his eyes and mouth and even sticking out his tongue. Coolest thing ever to see that little tongue sticking out 🙂

Miss anything: my wine buzz. I sip off wine here and there so I don’t miss wine itself too much, but I miss being able to down a big glass or two…or three. I love downing a few glasses and getting a little wine buzz while making a fancy dinner. It’s just a fun activity for me. I use a lot of wine in my cooking as well. So now when I cook, I pour myself a tiny half glass of red wine and I take little sips and usually only finish half of that. The doc said a glass of wine here and there is fine, but I have yet to have a full glass except one time on Thanksgiving. And that was pretty small too.

Movement: He is on the move! Lots of wiggles and bumps you can feel on the outside. I love it 🙂

Food cravings: nope, just food in general. ALL THE FOOD!

Labor signs: nope just Braxton Hicks which feel kind of crazy!

Belly button in or out:  still in and stretched out. Hope it stays in there!

Wedding rings on or off: I’ve had a few days where I had to take them off after a few hours. Things are starting to swell all over.

Looking forward to: setting up another 3D/4D ultrasound appointment soon. My next scan at the doc is in 6 weeks, which sounds WAY too long for me! I’ll be freaking out by then. It will be really cool to see him looking like a baby though. I’m going to hold out until 33 weeks I think.

Baby Shower time!

I had my baby shower this weekend at a big candy store called Sweet Pete’s. (my name is Candy) The place is amazing! Think Willy Wonka’s but with a café and full bar. I think over 60 people showed up and I was completely overwhelmed at the turnout. I tried to make a speech and got maybe 2 sentences in before I busted out in tears and my husband had to take over. I smiled so much my face hurt at the end of the day. I just feel SO incredibly thankful and happy and loved!

I have one tip for those with baby showers coming up- do a diaper raffle! People can bring diapers of any size and they get a raffle ticket for every pack of diapers. We had a bunch of little prizes to give away and now have a whole closet of diapers from newborn up to 18+ lbs. It will be a while before we need to buy any!

Dogs Love the Snoogle

I’ve seen more than 1 dog/snoogle pic posted lately and felt it was time to add my own, after my two completely took over my snoogle this morning. This was after I carefully hid it under a sheet and blanket. They dug it out, claimed it as their own and can’t seem to understand why mommy keeps hiding their new dog bed.


30 weeks! Time for swollen feet, Breastfeeding Class and a Baby Shower!

FB29weeksToday I hit 30 weeks! I can’t wait until Monday when I get to see my little boy again and get all his measurements. I started doing the kick counts in the evenings but some evenings I don’t bother because he pummels me like 20 times in 10 minutes. I love it! He drives me crazy with the occasional “lazy day” where he doesn’t move as much and I freak out all day and poke him a lot. I mean A LOT. My husband is like- are you poking him again??

The feet and leg swelling comes and goes. I got some fancy minty lotion at Destination Maternity that smells nice. My cat LOVES it and will lick the couch where I had my legs propped up after I leave. I thought the sticker said $12 but it rang up as $21 and since I’ve never suffered from dyslexia, I will have to blame the pregnancy brain on that one.

I took a Breastfeeding 101 class last night, which I thought was an hour class, but it turns out was 2 1/2 hours! I was like- what are they going to talk about for that long? Isn’t it just open mouth, insert boob? Well apparently there is more to it, and the class was really informative. I enjoyed all the info on the proper latch and how to tell if they are getting enough.

I swear the scale goes up every time I step on it. I think it’s possessed. I went through a Mc Donalds phase last month and gained too much weight so I’m eating way better this month but still gaining to the point where I fear my future clothing options. Hoping I don’t need a permanent new wardrobe.

I am totally excited about this weekend, which is Baby Shower time! With all the hoopla being made about it, friends flying in, arrangements being made and gifts arriving daily, I totally feel like we are planning a wedding instead! It went from “maybe 20 people will come” to a guest list of over 50 with a dinner the night before, a brunch and then the party. We were the first of our friends to get married, and now 13 years later, we are the last to have kids! We made it a family friendly event so everyone could come and bring the kids as well. It’s going to be quite a party 🙂