29 weeks and where did my ankles go?

I took off my socks yesterday and looked down only to find some other woman’s feet attached to my legs. These were puffy feet with smooth puffy ankles that went straight up into calves that showed no definition. I nearly cried over silly vain things- I have a party tonight and wanted to wear heels. How an earth will my newly fat feet fit in my cute low heeled Mary Jane’s? How ridiculous would my dress look with sneakers?

I sat on the ouch and propped my little sausage legs in the air and continued to stare. I felt like a Talking Heads song- These are not my beautiful legs! This is not my beautiful foot! And you may ask yourself- Well, how did I get here? (letting the days go by…water flowing underground…once in a lifetime…)

My dear sweet (big fat lying) husband said I did not have cankles. Then he gave me a foot massage which helped one of my ankles make a reappearance.

Today my swelling has gone down a bit, but I fear the 3rd trimester has more surprises in store for me!



13 thoughts on “29 weeks and where did my ankles go?

  1. Lol this part sucks big time! I had pretty severe pitting edema. Try to get some foot & leg rubs every day before bed, it helps. Elevating feet too. And of course lots of water. Supposedly acupuncture can help but I didn’t try it. Hang in there!

  2. This was definitely a problem for me with my first pregnancy. I lowered my sodium intake significantly and got no improvement! It sucks! Don’t forget to lotion those cankles! They’ll need it!

  3. The day I hit the third trimester, I discovered cankles. It’s not an every day occurrence, usually only happens when I have a long day at work and forget to get up and walk around because I’m wayyy to busy for that…but it’s quite the annoyance. Oh, and I got them once when wearing a pair of strappy low heels and walking around forever…the marks on my feet when I finally took them off were quite the sight.

    I put your feet up, chug some water, and let the swelling subside…then put on those heels proudly, mama!

    • I was very happy to see they did at least come and go! I settled for some comfy flats for the party. Probably the smart choice anyway, but I had silly visions of being a glamorous pregnant lady at the event. lol. I went with “comfy but nicely dressed pregnant lady who’s feet do not make her want to cry.”

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