Prepared Birthing Class, my top 10 highlights and lessons so far

Just had our second Prepared Birthing class last night and I’m learning a lot. I really enjoy taking classes and figure there is always something to learn that I might not get from a book. I also like being around all the other pregnant women. Here’s a few highlights from my last couple classes:

1) I learned that I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions. I had no idea! I thought the baby just decided to occasionally move into a weird and uncomfortable position all in the front. Nope- Braxton Hicks. I was expecting them to feel like a normal cramp just lighter. But it is more of a weird tightness with no pain.

2) I was under the impression labor was all heavy duty cramps and then you push. Not the case. There are 3 stages. So when ladies say they’ve been in labor for 24 hours, the first 10 or so could be the first stage of labor where they were at home counting contractions. The transition stage seems to be the one you see in movies and it comes right before active labor.

3) We got to watch 2 births- one with an epidural and one unmedicated. At the end of the unmedicated one, which was much more intense, I couldn’t hide my tears and slight quivering. I’m pretty sure my husband thought I was overcome with emotion at seeing the birth. That was about 10% of it. The other 90% was me trying to not run out of the room screaming in terror.

4) You can wear whatever you want for the birth as long as everything is “easy access”

5) The hospital will only let you have ice chips, but the lady in the birthing video had a popsicle. And now I REALLY want a popsicle on my birth plan.

6) You have to bring your own birthing ball (this is for my hospital, but some places do provide them)

7) There are a variety of birthing positions. All of them kind of made me cringe, especially the one on the back with her knees at her ears. I really need to get over this.

8) They will probably offer you a mirror. All I could think was “do you want fries with that?” Because it looked like the big mirror at a drive through. I think I’ll pass on that option.

9) I’d like to limit the number of people staring at my crotch. My husband, mom and grandma all want to be in the room. I need some kind of police tape set-up, like Do Not Cross This Line.

10) We discussed delayed cord clamping, which is supposed be beneficial and I plan to ask the doctor about it on my next appointment

Next Monday is our last class! Then we have Breastfeeding 101, orientation at the pediatrician, Baby CPR, Ready Day 1 for after the birth stuff and SP is signed up for a Daddies to Be class. After all this we don’t get a diploma, but we DO get a baby so that’s a pretty good trade off 🙂


9 thoughts on “Prepared Birthing Class, my top 10 highlights and lessons so far

    • Yep! They have them on the hospital’s website. My place lets you choose if you want to take them there or at Motherhood Maternity. I chose the store location since it’s at the mall and doubles as a dinner date 🙂

  1. Oh my gosh, you’re doing prepared childbirth classes so early!! Or maybe my hospital just does them late…? We were told do take them within one month of our due date. And then the breastfeeding classes 2-3 weeks before. Yeesh!

    • No, I am totally early! At 27 weeks, I’m the least far along in the class. But I wanted to be prepared for any early labor signs and be able to plan and know what to expect. One month of the due date just seemed too late for me because some babies come that early! I plan on doing the other baby classes closer to due date though- the “4th trimester” or “parenting Day 1” classes where they teach you about baby stuff after baby arrives.

      • Ahhhh yeah see I did the parenting class already. 🙂 And when I was worried about preterm labor the other day, I was kicking myself wishing I had done the labor class sooner! Doh!!

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