25 Week Update and Happy New Year!

It’s New Year’s Day and I woke up with a slight headache and then later threw up. WTH universe? The one year I’m guaranteed no hangover and I throw up anyway. My morning sickness now rears it’s ugly head as vomit inducing heartburn, but only at very random intervals. Zantac works great, but since I don’t have the heartburn all the time, I only take it sparingly. I try to take as little medication as possible but have no problem taking it when I need it!

25weeksI went to an Alice in Wonderland themed Mad Hatter’s Ball for NYE. My outfit of choice was the White Queen. Great excuse for an empire waist gown! I was happy to have figured out something comfy to wear. I did manage to make it till midnight, but once the fireworks were done, I was ready to head home. No closing down the party for me this year!

How far along:  25 weeks

Weight gain: I won’t know until my next doc visit.

Maternity clothes: I have a whole new wardrobe that I keep adding to! I just heard that Burlington Coat Factory has a good maternity section so I need to get over there and check it out. I actually dress nicer now than in my non-pregnant state. Everything I wear is nice and fitted, otherwise I just look like a blob.

Stretch marks: Nothing yet. I thought I saw some yesterday on my hips, but it must have been underwear marks. They were gone when I got out of the shower.

Sleep: Getting a little harder to fall asleep but still sleeping generally well. I wake up early every morning with lower back pain though. It goes away once I get up and moving.

Best moment of this week: today because the holidays are done and it’s time to focus on baby time! 🙂

Miss anything: I did miss getting to join in on the NYE drinking, though I at least got to toast at midnight with a little champagne.

Movement: I think the baby has lazy days and active days. I get all nervous on the lazy days and run for the Doppler. I think I get more anxious the farther along I get.

Food cravings: not really. Everyone keeps asking me about this one! Maybe it starts later like 3rd trimester?

Anything making you queasy or sick: just the occasional bout with heartburn

Have you started to show yet: showing a little more every day it seems! And I think my boobs get a new blue line every day too. I had to cover my self forehead to nips in foundation for my NYE outfit so you couldn’t see my roadmap cleavage.

Belly button in or out:  still in and a little wide

Wedding rings on or off: on, no swelling yet

Happy or moody most of the time: happy, dancing, singing, silly happy.

Looking forward to: Starting baby classes next Monday! I am looking forward to learning new things and being around all the other pregnant ladies. Hoping maybe to make some new friends that will have babies around the same time.


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