29 weeks and where did my ankles go?

I took off my socks yesterday and looked down only to find some other woman’s feet attached to my legs. These were puffy feet with smooth puffy ankles that went straight up into calves that showed no definition. I nearly cried over silly vain things- I have a party tonight and wanted to wear heels. How an earth will my newly fat feet fit in my cute low heeled Mary Jane’s? How ridiculous would my dress look with sneakers?

I sat on the ouch and propped my little sausage legs in the air and continued to stare. I felt like a Talking Heads song- These are not my beautiful legs! This is not my beautiful foot! And you may ask yourself- Well, how did I get here? (letting the days go by…water flowing underground…once in a lifetime…)

My dear sweet (big fat lying) husband said I did not have cankles. Then he gave me a foot massage which helped one of my ankles make a reappearance.

Today my swelling has gone down a bit, but I fear the 3rd trimester has more surprises in store for me!



Time to start the kick counting!

I’m in my 3rd trimester now and am supposed to start counting kicks. According to CountTheKicks.org: The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that you note the time it takes to feel 10 kicks, jabs, turns, swishes, or rolls (not hiccups). A healthy baby should have 10 kicks in less than 2 hours. Most babies will take less than 30 minutes.

Some days I could get 10 kicks in 2 minutes. But sometimes I think I have a lazy baby. I feel maybe one kick an hour. And sometimes it feels like several hours before I feel something. During those times I freak out and run for the Doppler. However, the site (and many others) cautions against depending on the Doppler because by the time the heart slows or stops, it may be too late. So a baby in distress will sound just fine.

But here’s where the Doppler helps me out- my guy LOVES to kick it! Every time I get it out he will wake up and kick right where I’m pressing. Likewise, he goes absolutely bananas when they are pressing down on him with the ultrasound. So if I don’t notice kicks for a little while, and do not have the Doppler nearby, I just simulate the movement with my finger. I press down a little and try different spots on my belly. I can usually get a response in just a few minutes.

This evening I’m going to officially start the kick counting since he seems to be most active in the evenings when I’m relaxing after work. Hoping all goes well and he does his thing without too much prodding!

The silly thing that made me cry today

Just realized I know exactly how to hold a cat or dog snugly and secure in a multitude of ways but the minute I am handed a baby I get confused and awkward. I could probably hold a monkey better than I hold a baby. I Know, I know…it’s all supposed to come “naturally.” I feel like I’m waiting for a visit from the magical motherhood fairy. I have a lot to learn about furless babies.

Friends came over yesterday with their 4 month old baby. At one point I was handed the baby. I might as well been handed a squirming alien. It just felt SO weird and I had no idea what to do with it.

So while writing a Facebook post (that I deleted because I was a little embarrassed at my lack of maternal skills) I just busted out crying. Then I got upset that I was crying. I am lucky that it is the early AM and I am the only one up. I got up at 4AM because my back was hurting and then I got hungry and had to pee, so I just gave in and got up.

I really can’t wait to hold our little boy. I guess I just need to remind myself it may take some practice. I’ve been holding fur babies for 30-something years and yesterday was probably the first time in 10 years I’ve even held a human baby. I know it will be different because he will be mine so it won’t feel as weird… I hope 🙂

27 Week Update, Welcome to the 3rd Trimester!

27weeksFBI started my 3rd trimester with a bang. Ok, more of a toot actually. I farted in bed last night, much to my horror and my husband’s amusement. He was nice enough to say, “It’s ok honey, you’re pregnant it’s going to happen.” Then he giggled and said he was posting it on Facebook. After much threatening he put down his phone.

How far along:  27 weeks – I’ve seen the 3rd trimester listed as starting anywhere from 26-29 weeks, but all my pregnancy apps are welcoming me to the 3rd trimester today so I’ll go with it!

Weight gain: I won’t know until my doc visit next Monday.

Maternity clothes: I recently discovered that Buy Buy Baby has a maternity section with Motherhood Maternity clothing and it is cheaper than it is at the regular store I go to for my classes.

Stretch marks: Nope! But I do have the beginnings of a Linea Nigra that is very light and goes all the way up to my boobs.

Sleep: falling asleep is easy, but I should probably just start sleeping on the toilet since I go so much.

Best moment of this week: seeing my boy at his check-up on Monday. He was opening his mouth and trying to nibble on his arm!keelan27weeks Doc said he looks perfect and is weighing 2 lbs.

Miss anything: bending over without making groaning noises

Movement: I think he’s doing jumping jacks in there today

Food cravings: no, I just like all food in general

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope, and I’ve got the heartburn under control

Belly button in or out:  still in technically, but everything in there is starting to come out. I had 3 moles and a freckle hiding in there I didn’t know about. That explains why I always thought I had dirt in my belly button…

Wedding rings on or off: on, no swelling yet

Happy or moody most of the time: happy!!!

Looking forward to: baby registry presents arriving in the mail! I got the first one last week (a baby brezza) and it was so fun to open! I reminds me of when we got married and every day presents would come in. I just keep thinking after sending out so many presents myself, it’s finally my turn! woohoo!

Prepared Birthing Class, my top 10 highlights and lessons so far

Just had our second Prepared Birthing class last night and I’m learning a lot. I really enjoy taking classes and figure there is always something to learn that I might not get from a book. I also like being around all the other pregnant women. Here’s a few highlights from my last couple classes:

1) I learned that I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions. I had no idea! I thought the baby just decided to occasionally move into a weird and uncomfortable position all in the front. Nope- Braxton Hicks. I was expecting them to feel like a normal cramp just lighter. But it is more of a weird tightness with no pain.

2) I was under the impression labor was all heavy duty cramps and then you push. Not the case. There are 3 stages. So when ladies say they’ve been in labor for 24 hours, the first 10 or so could be the first stage of labor where they were at home counting contractions. The transition stage seems to be the one you see in movies and it comes right before active labor.

3) We got to watch 2 births- one with an epidural and one unmedicated. At the end of the unmedicated one, which was much more intense, I couldn’t hide my tears and slight quivering. I’m pretty sure my husband thought I was overcome with emotion at seeing the birth. That was about 10% of it. The other 90% was me trying to not run out of the room screaming in terror.

4) You can wear whatever you want for the birth as long as everything is “easy access”

5) The hospital will only let you have ice chips, but the lady in the birthing video had a popsicle. And now I REALLY want a popsicle on my birth plan.

6) You have to bring your own birthing ball (this is for my hospital, but some places do provide them)

7) There are a variety of birthing positions. All of them kind of made me cringe, especially the one on the back with her knees at her ears. I really need to get over this.

8) They will probably offer you a mirror. All I could think was “do you want fries with that?” Because it looked like the big mirror at a drive through. I think I’ll pass on that option.

9) I’d like to limit the number of people staring at my crotch. My husband, mom and grandma all want to be in the room. I need some kind of police tape set-up, like Do Not Cross This Line.

10) We discussed delayed cord clamping, which is supposed be beneficial and I plan to ask the doctor about it on my next appointment

Next Monday is our last class! Then we have Breastfeeding 101, orientation at the pediatrician, Baby CPR, Ready Day 1 for after the birth stuff and SP is signed up for a Daddies to Be class. After all this we don’t get a diploma, but we DO get a baby so that’s a pretty good trade off 🙂

Expecting Better- one of the better pregnancy books I’ve read so far

k2-_20e571ad-042c-45a3-9052-cf1761b07113_v1I just finished Expecting Better, by Emily Oster and rather enjoyed it. She’s not a doctor, but an economist and she approaches her research pretty thoroughly and weighs the pros and cons of each situation.

I did learn some new stuff. It reinforced some of my own heavily googled research on certain topics (like a glass of wine) and really drove home the dangers of turkey deli meat, which I had been dabbling in here and there (but no more!)

My doctor had already ok’d a glass or two of wine a week and I ran across this book while looking up articles on the topic for the millionth time. I’m just terribly paranoid and I terribly want to have a glass of wine with my dinner. In the book, she says it is ok to have as much as a small glass of wine every evening as long as you drink it slow and not on an empty stomach. So I now compromise and let myself have a half glass of red wine here and there, only with food. It makes me happy and I don’t feel the need for more.

But she covers much more than that- like the different danger levels of food on that long no-no list. She says sushi is actually ok if it is a low mercury fish and that if you did actually get sick from it, it wouldn’t hurt the baby at all. However, that the deli meat situation with Listeria would be very very harmful to the baby and is best avoided if possible. I was mildly freaked out to learn listeria could be lurking in any fruits, veggies and meats that had long term refrigeration. I think she said the last big outbreak before turkey was in celery. Good thing I hate raw celery.

She also covers some stuff I wasn’t even aware about, like cervical checks leading up to your due date and whether they are necessary and could actually do harm by introducing bacteria even with the gloves on. Apparently cervical dilation in the weeks leading up to your due date does not give an indication of when you might go into labor. You could walk around partially dilated for weeks. Also she said it hurts. I had no idea I had this uncomfortable vagina poking experience on the horizon. I tried googling it and it sounds like the doc basically sticks a hand in and pokes a finger in your cervix to see how open it is. I just kept thinking- can’t they do this with an internal ultrasound? Do I have options here?

A good read overall. She presents her research and her conclusions, but it’s always best to take in all the info and draw your own conclusions and figure out what makes you feel good about each situation.

25 Week Update and Happy New Year!

It’s New Year’s Day and I woke up with a slight headache and then later threw up. WTH universe? The one year I’m guaranteed no hangover and I throw up anyway. My morning sickness now rears it’s ugly head as vomit inducing heartburn, but only at very random intervals. Zantac works great, but since I don’t have the heartburn all the time, I only take it sparingly. I try to take as little medication as possible but have no problem taking it when I need it!

25weeksI went to an Alice in Wonderland themed Mad Hatter’s Ball for NYE. My outfit of choice was the White Queen. Great excuse for an empire waist gown! I was happy to have figured out something comfy to wear. I did manage to make it till midnight, but once the fireworks were done, I was ready to head home. No closing down the party for me this year!

How far along:  25 weeks

Weight gain: I won’t know until my next doc visit.

Maternity clothes: I have a whole new wardrobe that I keep adding to! I just heard that Burlington Coat Factory has a good maternity section so I need to get over there and check it out. I actually dress nicer now than in my non-pregnant state. Everything I wear is nice and fitted, otherwise I just look like a blob.

Stretch marks: Nothing yet. I thought I saw some yesterday on my hips, but it must have been underwear marks. They were gone when I got out of the shower.

Sleep: Getting a little harder to fall asleep but still sleeping generally well. I wake up early every morning with lower back pain though. It goes away once I get up and moving.

Best moment of this week: today because the holidays are done and it’s time to focus on baby time! 🙂

Miss anything: I did miss getting to join in on the NYE drinking, though I at least got to toast at midnight with a little champagne.

Movement: I think the baby has lazy days and active days. I get all nervous on the lazy days and run for the Doppler. I think I get more anxious the farther along I get.

Food cravings: not really. Everyone keeps asking me about this one! Maybe it starts later like 3rd trimester?

Anything making you queasy or sick: just the occasional bout with heartburn

Have you started to show yet: showing a little more every day it seems! And I think my boobs get a new blue line every day too. I had to cover my self forehead to nips in foundation for my NYE outfit so you couldn’t see my roadmap cleavage.

Belly button in or out:  still in and a little wide

Wedding rings on or off: on, no swelling yet

Happy or moody most of the time: happy, dancing, singing, silly happy.

Looking forward to: Starting baby classes next Monday! I am looking forward to learning new things and being around all the other pregnant ladies. Hoping maybe to make some new friends that will have babies around the same time.