24 Week Update, Merry Christmas!

24weeksHope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! We are now at 24 weeks! We have reached the magical “viable” milestone where a baby can survive outside the womb. Survive with an uphill battle and a million dollars worth of care, but still, survive. I’ve reached a point where I can feel him wiggling around most of the day. Of course, being the nervous mom I am, if I don’t feel him move for a few hours and he doesn’t respond to a few pokes, I run for the fetal Doppler. That thing is a mind saver. I’d go crazy with worry if I couldn’t ease my mind with a good strong heartbeat. And I discovered Earth Mama Bottom Balm. That stuff is a miracle worker on sore bottoms. I no longer fear the bathroom! I highly recommend it if you are having any kind of sore butt problem. A little swipe of it before and after does the trick.

How far along:  24 weeks

Weight gain: at my last doc visit, they said I had gained 16 lbs. overall so far.

Maternity clothes: I just got a new pair of cords from GAP and love them! I also picked up several pairs of maternity tights from Motherhood Maternity (on sale!) and they totally make a difference in fit. SO comfy! I was having trouble with my regular tights rolling down under my belly.

Stretch marks: Nothing yet, but I keep scrutinizing.

Sleep: some back pain is kicking in here and there and making sleep uncomfortable early in the morning. Also had a few nights it was hard to get to sleep because I’m pretty sure there was a tap recital going on in my belly.

Best moment of this week: S.P. finally got to feel a kick! I am feeling them all the time, but it seems every time he puts his hand on my belly, Keelan calms down. I told him he must just have a soothing touch, lol.

Miss anything: I got a few VIP invites for some fun parties – the kind with open bars and burlesque shows and I gave them away because it just wouldn’t be fun to be in a bar pregnant and not dressed up in one of my Christmas costumes.

Movement: those kicks and pokes are getting stronger! Some of them make me yelp with surprise!

Food cravings: nothing I could call a real craving yet. Still eating strawberry waffles every day though. Sometimes in the middle of the night too.

Anything making you queasy or sick: hello heartburn! I have never had heartburn before and didn’t know why my upper belly felt like it was on fire. I threw up 3 times and then SP went to the store at 3AM to get me Tums. The doc recommended Zantac and I have felt better ever since.

Have you started to show yet: I am round and happy 🙂

Belly button in or out:  still in and a little wide

Wedding rings on or off: on, no swelling yet

Happy or moody most of the time: very happy but easy to cry over both happy and sad things.

Looking forward to: New Years Eve! I’m working on my outfit this weekend for the Mad Hatter’s Ball. I’ll be going as the White Queen. I got a flowy white empire waist gown that I’m going to trim in rhinestones and silver, a rhinestone tiara and a long white wig.


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