Pregnany massage – go do it Now!

At 5 months I was starting to have an aching back and a shooting pain down my right leg when I stood, so I knew it was time for a massage. I had a bad massage experience with my first pregnancy so I was nervous about anything possibly going wrong and kept putting it off.  The time before, I was going to one of those massage memberships places and went in for my regular massage. I told them I was pregnant and they said they had someone who was trained to do it. The massage therapist seemed very young and inexperienced. I was only 6.5 weeks along, so she had me on my stomach the whole time and the heat cranked up too high on the table. I just felt like it all seemed wrong. Then when I left I got a really weird feeling like I didn’t feel pregnant anymore. I’m not placing blame on the massage, as there are a million other reasons things could have gone wrong, but the next day I had a miscarriage. So just with the timing of that, I was terrified of massage this time around.

I am a big fan of massage. I try and get one every month and have been seeing the same massage therapist for nearly 10 years. Unfortunately, she is not trained in pregnancy massage and didn’t feel comfortable continuing treatment when I became pregnant. Because of my first experience, I wasn’t taking any chances and did a ton of research to find someone certified and experienced in prenatal/pregnancy massage. The person I found was certified by the American Pregnancy Massage Association and had been a doula for 15 years. She had great reviews and an informative website.

Wow, what a difference! The table was very lightly heated and the whole thing was done on my side, propped up by pillows under my leg and belly. It was a combination of relaxation strokes and some heavy duty work on opening my hips up and alleviating that pain that had been bothering me. It was wonderful and I felt very comfortable through the whole thing, even when my leg was up near my ear as she worked a tough spot in my hip. It’s been a few days and I have not gotten the shooting pain once since the massage. I cannot wait to go back after the holidays!


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