The IVF Confession

fyi_i_m_ivf_funny_baby_one_piece_bodysuit_short_sleeveAfter becoming pregnant, I kind of thought I was done with uncomfortable fertility related conversations. (Silly me!) Nobody could bug me about when we were having kids anymore, and I was very open with our IVF treatment with friends, family and Facebook. What I didn’t count on were complete strangers.

It happened for the 3rd time last night- a woman I was talking to at a party asked me how old I was. When I told her 39, she got very excited and said “Oh that gives me hope! That’s so great! I’m 35 and I worry it is too late sometimes.” And then I feel weird. So I just said “Yep, it’s possible!” But then she continued with “Well, I know it’s possible, I mean, I see the movie stars doing it all time into their 40’s but I figure they had a team of specialists and some help.”

And that’s where I feel I have fess up and crush their hope a tiny bit. I confessed I had a team of specialists myself. Still not getting it, she starts to stumble over her words, mumbling…”oh! Well…help? You didn’t need to…? Did you…? I mean…?”

Finally I took pity and just straight out said it – “IVF. I had to do IVF. The whole shabang. The shit really works!” Big smile and I sort of moved on the the next person at the party.



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