Butterflies with Bowling Balls

For a while I was obsessively looking up what it felt like for the baby to move. I kept reading about the first movements, or “quickening,” feeling like butterflies in your stomach.

Yeah, maybe if they had little bowling balls. Or maybe they are just fat and clumsy and keep running into things.

I’ve felt butterflies in my stomach on many occasions. It’s aptly names because they are light, ticklish and fleeting. I now realize I’ve been feeling the baby move for some time, but I just thought it was gas. It felt like a few bubbles on my insides. I thought it was weird because I have never actually felt gas like that before, but I’m feeling a LOT of things I’ve never felt before so just chalked it up to pregnancy weirdness. Also, there is a lot of gas going on.

I’m not feeling regular constant movement yet, but off and on throughout the day I can feel pokes and what feels like rolling over. The pokes still feel kind of like gas and the rolls feel like my stomach turning a bit. Of course this doesn’t sound very pretty so I can get why people would want to euphemize it with “butterflies.” But while I was sitting here waiting to feel Tinkerbell in my belly, my baby was trying to make his presence known with an elbow jab.

I have to say, I LOVE the movement. Especially when there are several in a row. If fact, I’m less likely to run to my Doppler every day now that I have the reassurance of movement. I can’t wait for the big moment when I actually get to share this with my husband and he can feel it on the outside.

But for now I’ll enjoy it as mine, mine , mine! 🙂


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