The 3D baby experience

Yesterday I went for my first 3D/4D ultrasound at 16 weeks 5days. I already know he’s a boy due to the Materni-T21 results, but I hadn’t gotten visual confirmation yet. The 3D ultrasound places will do gender determination at 16 weeks, but my doc doesn’t do it until around 20 weeks. I didn’t want to wait! I think IVF spoiled me with all those early scans, lol.

They start it off in 2D and right away he was like “hey guys, check me out, I’m a boy!” The tech put a handy arrow on the scan pic in case I wasn’t sure which appendage was the appropriate one: photo

Once they get the 2D image set, they switch over to he 3D/4D. It was actually a little harder to pick out arms and legs than in 2D. The tech pointed everything out as we went along. He kept curling in a ball and hiding his face so they had me roll over to one side and then the other to get him from different angles.

Somewhere in the middle of seeing those legs kicking and little arms raising up and down the tears just started streaming down my face. I was glad the room was dark and everyone was focused on the screen and not me. I nearly flat out started bawling. I am talking lower lip quivering crying going on. I was glad nobody saw because if anyone spoke to me all I was thinking was “We tried SO hard for this and there he is” and if I said that then there would be NO stopping the tears.

We will definitely be going back near the end of the pregnancy when he is more fully formed and we can see more details. But even at 16 weeks it was pretty amazing! Here’s one of the better pics:


We got 2 black and white pics and then a CD of 52 3D images, which is pretty cool. The whole thing was just $60 which seemed like a pretty darn good deal. They had bigger fancier packages where they do a heartbeat recording or give you a DVD, but I really just wanted to see him again 🙂


12 thoughts on “The 3D baby experience

      • Hmmm I am trying to remember. I had cervical length checks with DD and I remember being disappointed that it was so hard to see what was what at them! And I think I started those around 28 weeks. Of course I wasn’t getting 3D so that could be totally different. I’d just call the place and ask when they recommend!

    • I couldn’t wait any longer either! The places I checked only did 2D up to 15 weeks then 3D/4D starting at 16. So I’ve been anxiously waiting for this!

  1. Awwww thats cute you started crying! haha I just my first 3d u/s this week and its awesome! Cant wait for the next one!! we should find out the sex in a bout a month.. cant wait!!

    • I think everything makes me cry at this point lol. We are on a trip and I saw this morning my husband made the bed (something I never do) and I cried because I want our son to be just like him. Now I’m crying because I typed that. It’s crazy!

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