The name reveal!

While my husband is not too thrilled about HOW I discovered the name, he does love the name and the meaning and I’m going to share the sordid details of the background with you guys-

I was home, couch ridden from headache and sickness in the first trimester, and searching in vain for something to watch on TV. I saw Legend of Hercules was On Demand and figured it was better than the talk shows. Well Hercules turned out to be something of a hottie, though I do prefer a more shaggy haired Greek God, I was sucked in by a set of mesmerizing abs.

I hung around after the credits to see who this chiseled actor was and saw his name was Kellen. Little bells went off in my head as soon as I saw the name. I immediately looked it up and learned it was pronounced Keelan and liked it even more. We had been searching for the perfect Irish name since both my husband’s parents were born and raised in Ireland, but we didn’t want to go with the same old Liam, Patrick, Sean, etc. Two previous name choices were Kelly, which his parents shot down because they said it was a last name and “you don’t do that in Ireland” and Rory, which I kind of shot down because his parents named their cat that and now he’s buried in the backyard, and that would just be weird.

After a little research I discovered the origins were that of an Irish warrior descended “from the bright headed ones.” My husband and I are both blond and so are both our moms. How perfect could this name get? It’s Gaelic meaning is “slender,” which we both are. So while it is traditionally spelled “Kellen,” we decided to spell it the way it sounds and go with “Keelan.” I didn’t want the kid to spend his whole life correcting people and explaining his name doesn’t rhyme with Helen.

And I had the middle name picked out before I even got pregnant! I had to have something of ME in there, something from my family. My uncle and great grandfather were both names Thomas.

So I am proud to introduce my little pumpkin: Keelan Thomas! 🙂



10 thoughts on “The name reveal!

    • Thanks! My mom was worried I was going to give him some crazy name she couldn’t spell. She hasn’t gotten it wrong yet so I guess I did good, lol.

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