Male Nesting – It does exist

This morning I got up and sleepily opened the pantry door. I grabbed my half-caf coffee and shut the door. Then I stood there for a moment processing what I’d seen. So I opened the door back up and peered inside a perfectly organized and sparkling clean pantry. All labels facing forward. Everything neatly arranged. We’ve been in this house 10 years and my husband has never straightened the pantry. He did this yesterday while I was at work!

He also moved everything out of the guest bedroom so we could paint it and contacted the roofers about getting a new roof. And last week he completely re-did our fireplace and painted the mantel. Then he refinanced the house, which was something I had been bugging him about for the past year.

I’ve been so wrapped up in Halloween stuff that I’ve done nothing but make a big mess all over the house with my craft supplies. What’s going on here?

I’m guessing after I’m done with Halloween (I’m on the home stretch, yay!) then I can put all my supplies away, get the sewing machine off the kitchen table and maybe my nesting instinct will kick in. Until then I’m just sitting back and watching the frenzy.



3 thoughts on “Male Nesting – It does exist

  1. My sister in law went absolutely cuckoo when she was pregnant.. like psycho crazy to the max… and when we told her we were expecting she was like “you’re gonna nest like crazy”… we were like.. huhhhh… I dont think so! hahahhahahaah Not everyone is like that… some people are laid back and thats ok too!! Its better to be laid back than nuts!! Plus you got some time!! XOXO

    • I’m enjoying sitting back and watching all he work that’s getting done 🙂 I think once I have a chance to let it all settle in I’ll start with the nesting. Right now it still seems too overwhelming to think about. And yes, plenty of time to get around to it!

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