First trimester screen and nuchal done, good news and bad news

I went in last week to get the first trimester screen and nuchal scan done. Everything measured great on the nuchal scan and the nasal bone was present. They did a finger prick for the First Trimester Screen and that finger thing is no joke. It hurt worse than taking blood out of a vein! I was expecting a little poke and the thing is more like a little knife slice. And then they squeeze the hell out of your finger. My poor finger was all purple on the end for the rest of the day. Typing was particularly painful.

I got a call on Monday with the results from the blood screen. Everything was in the normal range- yay good news! EXCEPT my Papp A levels were low. Boo, bad news.

Papp A is an important pregnancy hormone and it seems low level results are common with IVF. Here’s a bunch of medical jargon on the topic:

They said I’d be coming back after the anatomy scan weekly to check the growth of the baby and my placenta. The nurse didn’t seem overly concerned but of course I went into panic google mode and managed to scare the poop out of myself reading stories about preeclamsia, stillborns, low birth weight, pre-term labor.Β  ….deep breath…. ….deep breath….

And then I also managed to find many stories where it was nothing. I was so freaked out I didn’t think to ask how low my levels were, but I will at my next appointment at the end of the month.

It does suck that this little dark cloud had to show up but I’m not going to stress over it. If anything, it just means I get extra good care and extra monitoring and I don’t mind that one bit.

I also got the Materni T-21 done at the same time and am anxiously awaiting the results. Hoping for all good news there of course, but can’t wait to find out the sex!!!


13 thoughts on “First trimester screen and nuchal done, good news and bad news

  1. I had low Papp A levels as well at my 12w screen. They gave me a laundry list of horrible things it could be, but said it’s also really common with blood pressure issues (which I developed once pregnant). My son was low on the weight charts when he was born (11% at full term) but honestly that was it. He is happy and healthy and way ahead on all milestones, and will turn one in a week. Hopefully they’ll just keep a close eye on things and you’ll get a little extra attention. Try not to panic (hahahaha).

  2. In glad everything is progressing normally. A very close family friend had low Papp A levels in her pregnancy and herself and her daughter were fine. Delivered at 38 weeks to a slightly smaller baby, but still in the normal weight range. πŸ™‚

  3. I had low PAPP A post IVF preg too, they said I as at risk of all of the above and of course low birth weight of bub and per-eclampsia. Worried me sick, but happy to say no pre-ecl, and bub is measuring huge at 3 1/2 weeks ahead. xxxx

    hopefully it means nothing to you as it does me! xxx

  4. I think it is so spectacular that we can find out the sex so early now!! I can’t wait for my turn, I’m impatient naturally so I find it quite amazing. Sorry about your dark cloud STAY OF GOOGLE lol it is NOT your friend right now, your doctor is your friend and will closely monitor you I’m sure. XO

    • I promise no more google, lol. Finding out the sex early is pretty amazing. I read one blog where they found out the sex before they even implanted the egg. It was a day 5 frozen embryo. Can you imagine knowing they are putting a boy or girl in you? That’s just crazy. I think that would make it more tough though if it didn’t take. I don’t want to wait 9 months, but this little bit of waiting does make it more exciting πŸ™‚

      • If we go to IVF I will be doing PGD testing on our embryos and finding out the sex before implantation. I am in awe of the medical technologies that exist. If we get pregnant before IVF I will definitely be doing the gender blood test!

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