13 Week Update, All Hail Sproutakiss

How far along:  I just saw my last update was 10.5 weeks. I can’t believe time is flying by! I just hit 13 weeks today.

Baby is the size of a: Peach! However a couple weeks ago some place said baby was the size of a brussel sprout, so we started calling him/her Sprout. Every night my husband would ask to give “Sprout a kiss” before bed. So now we call the baby Sproutakiss 🙂

Total weight gain: up maybe a pound. I’m still sick in the evenings.

Maternity clothes: Yep, but I haven’t gone shopping since my jeans splurge. My t-shirts still all fit. I don’t work in an office so I don’t need dressy clothes. I am starting a nice collection of funny pregnant t-shirts from friends. I just got one the other day that says “Baby Inside” like the Intel logo and one for my b-day that looks like an x-ray and shows my spine and ribs and a smiling baby skeleton at the bottom. I used that one for my first public Facebook post. My original announcement was “friends only.” I also have one on the way that I actually bought myself. It says “I’m so crafty, I make people.”

Stretch marks: Still clear but I don’t think I’m big enough for that yet

Sleep: Falling asleep is getting better but I still get up 5 times to pee.

Best moment of this week:  Getting my nuchal scan thing scheduled finally for tomorrow. I’ve been trying to get that taken care of for a week now. I’m nervous about it but also excited to see the baby again. I am SO hoping it will be on on belly ultrasound. I’m tired of all the crotch probing.

Miss anything: big dinners out. Getting sick in the evenings has really put a damper on our long lovely dinner date nights. And we need to take those while we can!

Movement: I think I felt a gas bubble pop the other day when my hand was on my belly. It’s way early and my insides didn’t feel fluttery or anything so that’s what I figure it was.

Food cravings: I mostly just go with what I think I won’t throw up.

Anything making you queasy or sick: being pregnant.

Have you started to show yet: yes I have a pretty good bump. No hiding it now!

Gender: according to the Chinese gender prediction chart, it’s a girl! Then I took like 10 other tests and they were all over the place so who knows. Also, I’m not Chinese so the chart may not be applicable.

Labor signs: no, but the other night I had gas so bad I actually thought it might be labor pains and if I saw any spotting at all I was going right to the ER. I mean it was BAD. But nothing was happening on the toilet- all I could do was burp. So I sat there on the toilet burping and banging my head on the wall while wailing. I also threw up four times. This went on until 2AM. I was miserable as hell. I had eaten a big bag of chips and really hot salsa right before bed. I don’t think my baby likes hot sauce.

Belly button in or out:  belly out, button in

Wedding rings on or off: the more I show, the more I wear those rings!

Happy or moody most of the time: Pretty happy most of the time with a dash of intense anxiety and fear about something going wrong that I have to talk myself out of.

Looking forward to: My appointment on Friday. Also scared of: my appointment on Friday. Please everything be ok! Healthy baby! Healthy baby! (this is what I have to keep telling myself)



11 thoughts on “13 Week Update, All Hail Sproutakiss

  1. I LOL-ed when I read your ‘Anything making you queasy or sick: being pregnant.’ HAHA!!! =) Truth!!! Happy 13 weeks!

  2. Oh – and I had an ON the belly ultrasound at 11w4d!! I think you will be in the clear! My doctor didn’t schedule me for a nuchal screen. I guess because I am only 32? I don’t know….. =(

    • Probably since you are 32. It’s still an elective thing, but they do suggest it if you are over 35. I will be happy to find out all is going well but am freaked at the possibility of any other outcome!

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