Happy Halloween!

I know this is going to be me one day, lol. Happy Halloween!



The name reveal!

While my husband is not too thrilled about HOW I discovered the name, he does love the name and the meaning and I’m going to share the sordid details of the background with you guys-

I was home, couch ridden from headache and sickness in the first trimester, and searching in vain for something to watch on TV. I saw Legend of Hercules was On Demand and figured it was better than the talk shows. Well Hercules turned out to be something of a hottie, though I do prefer a more shaggy haired Greek God, I was sucked in by a set of mesmerizing abs.

I hung around after the credits to see who this chiseled actor was and saw his name was Kellen. Little bells went off in my head as soon as I saw the name. I immediately looked it up and learned it was pronounced Keelan and liked it even more. We had been searching for the perfect Irish name since both my husband’s parents were born and raised in Ireland, but we didn’t want to go with the same old Liam, Patrick, Sean, etc. Two previous name choices were Kelly, which his parents shot down because they said it was a last name and “you don’t do that in Ireland” and Rory, which I kind of shot down because his parents named their cat that and now he’s buried in the backyard, and that would just be weird.

After a little research I discovered the origins were that of an Irish warrior descended “from the bright headed ones.” My husband and I are both blond and so are both our moms. How perfect could this name get? It’s Gaelic meaning is “slender,” which we both are. So while it is traditionally spelled “Kellen,” we decided to spell it the way it sounds and go with “Keelan.” I didn’t want the kid to spend his whole life correcting people and explaining his name doesn’t rhyme with Helen.

And I had the middle name picked out before I even got pregnant! I had to have something of ME in there, something from my family. My uncle and great grandfather were both names Thomas.

So I am proud to introduce my little pumpkin: Keelan Thomas! 🙂


15 Week Update, it’s a boy!

How far along:  15 weeks , 5 days.  Wow!

Baby is the size of an: Apple

Total weight gain: about 5 lbs. and it’s all belly.

Maternity clothes: I need to go shopping for some cute things!

Stretch marks: Nope

Sleep: Slept great last night! I get up to pee 20 times but fall right back asleep.

Best moment of this week:  Good doc appointment, heartbeat sounded good, etc. I didn’t get ultrasound though and want to see my little guy so bad! And they did the second half of my 1st trimester screen. I didn’t even know there was a second half. Looks like it screens for the same things- down syndrome, nueral tube defects, etc. So many screenings it seems. I asked about the low Papp A level results from my first screen and they just said I’ll be monitored more closely near the end and they’ll be keeping a close eye on my placenta, but it usually means nothing.

Miss anything: wondering if I’ll ever pee again without looking at the toilet paper. It’s such a habit now. And corsets! I miss wearing my corsets. It’s so easy to create a costume or make a dress fit by throwing on a corset. It’s my shop’s specialty. I even have my own private line. And now it’s weird trying to sell people corsets with my belly poking out. I always feel the need to tell them I’m pregnant so they aren’t like- “why isn’t she sucking in that pooch with a corset?” lol

Movement: the doc said I’ll start feeling something soon! I have felt some bubbles/popping sensations but am pretty sure they are gas. Mostly because they are followed by gas. lol. Doc said if you feel that and then nothing comes out the other end, that was movement.

Food cravings: I keep wanting Outback filet, baked potato and salad

Anything making you queasy or sick: I think my evening sickness switched over to random morning sickness, but it’s not too bad.

Have you started to show yet: oh god yes. I was trying to find something to wear for a Halloween party and put on a stretchy with dress and just looked hilarious. My lady lumps are all over the place, lol.

Gender: BOY! It’s a BOY! I am so excited! I always pictured myself with a little boy, I have no idea why. Everyone expected me to want a little girl to dress up because I own such a girlie boutique but the funny thing is, I only do the girlie thing when I dress up for events. I’m not girlie at all, lol. I never even liked pink when I was little, though it has grown on me now. Little girls are wonderful but I just think I can identify better with a boy.

Though I was looking forward to making some cute little frilly girlie costumes so I’m hoping to make some friends with little ones so I can make matching outfits for everyone. I also already have a bunch of cute boy costumes in my head that go with my costumes!

Labor signs: nope! But I do get these weird twinges almost like an electrical storm in my belly. There are so many weird feelings going on in there! Something new every day it seems.

Belly button in or out:  in, but I feel like I can see more of it as my belly grows. Like I can see inside of it and it looks smoother. I could just be imagining things because I keep staring at it for signs of popping out. Honestly, there is a Frankenstein looking stitch scar on the inside of that thing. I can clearly see it now! And to top it off, I used to have a belly ring so there is a hole at the top! It usually looks like a pretty good size hole but now it looks almost closed for the first time. So that’s actually a good thing. And one more thing- I think I have a couple new freckles/moles in there. There are 2 spots I thought were dirt and kept trying to clean off and they won’t budge. Why is there so much going on in one tiny place??

Wedding rings on or off: on for work and public appearances only. Off the moment I walk in the door at home.

Happy or moody most of the time: I have been pretty happy but the most random thing will make me tear up and cry! Like I started tearing up when writing about him being a boy because I was just thinking how damn cute he will be and he’ll look like a tiny version of my husband. I have nearly had to stop watching the news because some of the stories make me so sad and I can’t stop thinking about them, especially if it deals with animals. I sobbed uncontrollably when a police dog was killed!  But I also cry at happy things. I was watching a Modern Family re-run and cried my eyes out when Phil surprised Claire with a vow renewal in Hawaii. My husband and I did that on our 4th anniversary after he returned from a tour in Iraq and it was the sweetest thing ever.  And for godsakes I’m actually crying now while typing and have to go blow my nose.

Looking forward to: the 3D/4D ultrasound I scheduled for next week! I didn’t want to wait another month. And this will be just past 16 weeks so we should get visual confirmation he’s a boy. Just being told is one thing, but I wanna SEE! I am so excited to see him looking like a real baby. Those 3D ultrasounds are kind of creepy looking but I still can’t wait 🙂


Male Nesting – It does exist

This morning I got up and sleepily opened the pantry door. I grabbed my half-caf coffee and shut the door. Then I stood there for a moment processing what I’d seen. So I opened the door back up and peered inside a perfectly organized and sparkling clean pantry. All labels facing forward. Everything neatly arranged. We’ve been in this house 10 years and my husband has never straightened the pantry. He did this yesterday while I was at work!

He also moved everything out of the guest bedroom so we could paint it and contacted the roofers about getting a new roof. And last week he completely re-did our fireplace and painted the mantel. Then he refinanced the house, which was something I had been bugging him about for the past year.

I’ve been so wrapped up in Halloween stuff that I’ve done nothing but make a big mess all over the house with my craft supplies. What’s going on here?

I’m guessing after I’m done with Halloween (I’m on the home stretch, yay!) then I can put all my supplies away, get the sewing machine off the kitchen table and maybe my nesting instinct will kick in. Until then I’m just sitting back and watching the frenzy.


The Infertile and the Baby Shower Guilt

Seven years. It’s a LONG time to shun baby showers and announcements. And to mostly avoid friends with babies all together. After the MC seven years ago and the years of infertility issues that followed, any desire to be around babies and pregnant people just shriveled up and was shoved deep down in a place of grumbly indifference with a touch of jealousy. I was reduced the compulsory “congrats!” on Facebook immediately followed by a blocking of all subsequent posts.

I did at least send gifts (by mail of course) to a few good friends but I avoided all showers. These same friends have gone on to have 2 or 3 children who’s names I don’t even know and who’s announcements barely made it through the door before they went in the trash.

And now I’m pregnant. And I want to announce it, and have people celebrate with me and bring me presents and send out cute little baby pictures. And I feel like a TERRIBLE person :-/

How do you handle this? What’s the etiquette? I don’t want to leave anyone out, yet I feel bad sending invites to people I basically ignored. Should I look at it as a chance to make amends?

What do you guys think? How have you or how will you handle it?

A bunch of random stuff on my mind

First of all, I signed on today and it took several tries to bring up the regular page I post from. These “new and improved” wordpress changes are totally annoying!

I have a lot on my mind right now. So much that I found it hard to sleep last night. I can’t go a few minutes without thinking about the little boy in my belly. The fact that I know it’s a boy and he has a name and I can picture him in my head has made it so incredibly real.  If you’ve tried any of those gender prediction quizzes online, know that mine were totally wrong! The Chinese gender chart said I was having a girl. I did a 15 question quiz and got 90% girl!

The doppler is my new best friend. Whenever I get worried I just listen to that heartbeat and get so happy and relieved.

I was excited when I reached week 12 and did a big 2nd trimester post even though some places say it’s really 13 or 14. Well I can tell you at week 14 I magically improved and my sickness went away and my energy came back. So you can pretend all you want when the 2nd trimester starts but your body won’t listen! lol

I’m getting over my impending doom feeling and getting more excited. Especially after finding out the gender and naming him. I’m anxious about my appointment on Monday and what they will tell me about the low Papp A levels.

I keep rubbing my belly just hoping to feel something move in there! I can’t wait for that. I am also a little freaked out by it, lol.

I am ready to go shopping this weekend and pick out some adorable baby boy stuff! 🙂

It’s a BOY!!!

I got the call this morning while I was still in bed half asleep. The results of my Materni T21 were all good and it’s a Boy! I am SO excited. I said thank you, hung up and then just cried my eyes out I was so happy because it really really feels real now. I feel like I always knew I’d have a little boy. All the stuff I picked out so far has been boyish, from the crib to the stroller. I even decided to paint the room blue. My husband kept saying “what if it’s a girl?” And I was like, well girls like blue too! But I must have just known 🙂