The nagging need for reassurance

I have been literally counting the days until my OB appointment on Monday.  Every day, all day, I just think- only _ _ more days until I can see the doc and get reassured everything is ok. I am so excited to be almost out of the first trimester!

A friend on facebook is sending me her old doppler. She said it worked even better than the one in her doc office. I’m thrilled to get that and hope it will ease some of the constant nagging fear.

Everyone keeps telling me to relax and enjoy my pregnancy, but between the daily vomiting and nerve wracking time between appointments, I haven’t had a chance to just sit back and enjoy it. Hoping my time is coming soon! The sicky feeling is getting less, but then if a day goes by that I don’t throw up I get worried! WTH? I can’t wait for that doppler to get here so I can have some other proof things are progressing other than my head in the toilet.

Other than that I am sporting a pretty good bump. I was trying to plan my Halloween costume according to how big I will be and after looking at a million bump pics, I realize there is no general size. People are all over the place! I was checking the 16 week pics and one lady looked barely bloated (she was pretty muscular) and some people looked 6 months pregnant. So who knows what this belly will look like by then. I’ve been taking a pic every 2 weeks so my new pic will be tonight!



5 thoughts on “The nagging need for reassurance

  1. I’ll give you one piece of advice about the doppler… Be patient and don’t panic if you can’t find the heartbeat! We have one and use it religiously, but there have been a few times when we couldn’t find either heartbeat and we started freaking out only to find them a few seconds later. It takes practice and babies like to move. Good luck!!!

  2. Let me know how the doppler works for you. I have been contemplating it, but I can’t justify the money to myself knowing any day I should start to feel the baby kicking. I’m afraid it will take longer to feel movement this time around since I have scar tissue from my c-section with Eva. So then I might buy one anyway…

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