A POAS addict comes clean

I was cleaning up my desk and ran across my pee stick collection from the IVF.  I saved 3 DPT all the way to 20. Sometimes I did 2 a day. I figured it was time to get rid of it but thought it would be funny to show my husband. I hadn’t showed him before for fear he’d think I was crazy, weird or just gross.

15dp3dtSo I walk into the kitchen and am like “Hey look what I found. See, it shows how the line got darker. I figure I can toss this now right?”

And he actually thinks it’s cool and tells me to keep it!

I’m like, you know I dipped all these in pee right?

So he’s like, ok that’s a little gross, but you should still keep it, at least a little longer.

So I did. Now I have to find a nice safe spot for my unique stick collection 🙂


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