The big announcement

I did it! I posted on Facebook so now the secret is out. I at least made it to 10 weeks before posting. Of course I was immediately scared to death *something* would happen. I can’t wait for my appointment on Monday with the regular OB just to get reassured all is well again. But I feel pretty good when I’m not throwing up and my bump is getting more bump-like, less “I ate a big meal.” The pic I ended up posting was actually one of the outtakes with the dogs. The posed ones were too set-up, this one is us in our natural state trying to wrangle furry children, lol.

My post said: “I asked for a birthday cake, but this year I got a Bun in the Oven!” 🙂



12 thoughts on “The big announcement

  1. Adorable – all of you! I am also envious of your ability to do this (and maybe you’re giving me some courage); I told my husband he can’t tell anyone about the twins until they start kindergarten (sort of LOL) 🙂

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