Making moves toward Normal

Monday will be my last RE appointment and after that I graduate to a “normal” OB/GYN. They did say I would probably be paired with a high-risk nurse due to my age (38, 39 when baby is born) but other than that I will be thrust into the general pool of normal pregnant people.

So yesterday I did some normal pregnant things. It was something I had been avoiding since the BFP, after learning my lesson the hard way the first time. See, the first time I got pregnant, I immediately signed up for every free baby related thing online. The free diaper and formula samples, free American Baby magazine, etc. Well after the mc, that stuff just Kept Showing Up in the mail. It was this awful constant reminder and it kept going on for over a year!

So I put it off this time. But now I want to see that stuff come in the mail. I want that baby magazine! So I finally signed up for the freebies yesterday.

Here’s the link where I found the best stuff:

I also finally broke down and bought some new pants. My jeans were killing me and none of my shorts would button anymore. So I went to the maternity section of Target, only to be confronted by some ugly jeans and pants. I did find a cute top that was long enough to cover the tops of my pants though. Then I went over to the regular section and found some really cute wide leg black pants in a comfy linen-like material. And they had a stretchy knit top on them! My husband kept saying they had to be maternity pants in the wrong section. They totally look like it. I can’t wait to wear them to work today!

And in my last step toward normal I picked out my hospital and ob/gyn group and made my first prenatal appointments. I was shocked while reading through the paperwork it says you get a scan at 12 weeks, again at 18-20 weeks for gender, and then that’s it. All other scans are an extra charge. After doing an ultrasound every week, I’m going to feel really weird not checking in on things. I can just see those charges adding up. I guess I just thought they’d take a peek every month to make sure everything was progressing. Apparently being normal means they take more of a hands-off approach. Unfortunately I don’t think I’m ready for quite that relaxed attitude! I’m still going to need a little more hand holding and extra prodding for piece of mind.



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