The 8.5 Week Update – it’s a wiggle worm!

oliveHow far along:  8 weeks 5 days

Total weight gain: I think about 3lbs. I’ve been sick off and on so I have probably been eating less than usual. My favorite meal is dinner. I love big dinners! And ironically I seem to have developed evening sickness. I’m mostly fine in the mornings!

Maternity clothes: No, but I’m heading to Target this week because I have to unbutton my jeans when I sit down or they kill me. I’ve also been eyeing some cute stuff online. I think this is a good excuse to splurge on some cute things 🙂 Nothing fits anymore! I’m pretty sure my husband is sick of seeing me in my Wonder Woman fuzzy house pants, because that’s what I put on the moment I walk in the door.

Stretch marks: Still good. I got my cocoa butter and have started slathering. The smell bothered me a bit at first, even though I normally love cocoa/chocolate smell. Hoping that goes away. I did not enjoy buying the bottle with the pregnant lady on it that says “stretch mark lotion” in the largest possible font when I don’t look pregnant yet. I felt like telling the guy at the counter…this is preventive..I’m not really covered with stretch marks. As if he’d care.

Sleep: Where did my magic sleep go? I can’t get to sleep. I pee every two hours. Sometimes I get up to pee if I’ve laid there too long because I then convince myself I need to pee.

Best moment of this week:  Seeing the baby wiggle on the ultrasound! It was SO COOL. They said by next week we should see all kinds of movement. I cannot freakin wait.

Miss anything: Wine. Just expect that here in this spot for all updates. I also miss my favorite shorts. They won’t close in the front anymore.

Movement: Yes! A full body wiggle on the ultrasound. I can still picture it 🙂 It looked like if you took your finger and flexed it.

Food cravings: Not really, but mostly because I’m queasy a lot.

Anything making you queasy or sick: yes, pregnancy, lol. And I can’t brush my teeth without almost barfing.

Have you started to show yet: My mom said I look like I ate a really big meal.

Gender: Hoping to get the Materni T21 in a few weeks. I asked about it yesterday and the doc said most places do it now! And yes I do want to know the gender as soon as I can.

Labor signs: no thank goodness

Belly button in or out:  I really hope it stays in. Some people’s do right? I am weirdly weirded out by the thought of mine popping out. I had a boob job TUBA style- through the belly button. So my only scars are in there. If you spread my belly button and look inside, you can see the scar. I am just imagining Frankenbelly if it pops!

Wedding rings on or off: On more than usual. I like looking married while pregnant, lol.

Happy or moody most of the time: Pretty normal on the mood front so far.

Looking forward to: Graduating from the RE next week! I just made my first appointment with the regular OB/GYN. I’m very excited about masquerading as a normal pregnant person, lol.



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