Just a little Sunday update


If only it was this simple!!

I think this is the longest I have gone without updating this blog since I started! But that’s good news because it means I had a few days without freaking out over anything. I had some spotting a couple days after my last ultrasound, but since it’s the 4th or 5th time now, I resisted the urge to hop online and write an angsty blog post.

Looking forward to my ultrasound tomorrow at 8 weeks 4 days. Of course I will still go into it with the heart rate flying and be afraid to look at the screen until I hear reassuring sounds from the doc. Hoping to grow out of that. It does get a little less nerve wracking every time.

We’ve made a little progress with our optimism. We took my first belly pic last week and we’ve talked a little bit about names, but barely as if we’re afraid to say anything yet. Little by little the news is leaking out due to necessity. I had two events in the last week where I had to be in full costume, which is uncomfortable in my bloaty belly condition. I actually removed all the boning from one of my corsets so I could wear the costume. And I’ve only made short appearances dressed up. I probably sound like a drag queen right about now, and that’s not far off, lol. But people are used to seeing me drinking and partying out at these events so my new sober thing is leading to some questions, especially since a lot of people know I was going through IVF after I had to leave an event when the Femera made me sick. I came clean because I didn’t want the event people to think I had left because I was drunk and sick, which would be the first thought if they saw me throwing up in the parking lot like I was.

I cannot wait until the first trimester is done. I think I may not be able to wait the full 12 weeks and will go public at 10. I’d love to have the gender first and my friend told me about the new genetic testing you can have done at 10 weeks- the MATERNI T21. I’m going to try and find a place here that does it.

As far as symptoms go, I pee all the time, I’m tired a lot and I’m sick off and on. I tried the new anti-nausea meds the doc gave me a sample of for the first time a couple nights ago. It’s Diclegis and unfortunately Tricare will only cover Zofran. I got the Zofran just in case, but don’t feel all that comfortable taking it because it’s a class B drug being used off-label and the Diclegis is Class A, totally safe and the only drug actually prescribed for pregnancy morning sickness. The Diclegis didn’t seem to do much right away, but I went to bed and woke up feeling pretty good the next day. No nausea at all. The thing I don’t like about it is it’s not an “as-needed” drug, but one you are supposed to take every day. I’m trying to take as less as possible!

Well that’s the news for now. Time for me to go clean the house since the sunshine isn’t working with me today. I had big plans for a relaxing pool day!

My flower fairy outfit from this weekend

My flower fairy outfit from this weekend



11 thoughts on “Just a little Sunday update

  1. Umm yea, that outfit looks horribly uncomfortable for a pregnant woman….but you look incredible! Glad everything is going so well, I hope your ultrasound tomorrow goes perfectly! I want to do that early gender test too!!

    • It wasn’t too bad. I normally wear a small so I made the corset in a size large and then removed all the boning in the front. I’m surprised it stayed up, lol. I’m just glad I pulled it off and didn’t have to cancel! So glad I don’t have anything else coming up until October. I’m going to really have stuff to work around then…

  2. Yay for things still going well! 🙂 Is that Diclegis drug the same thing as Unisom Sleep Aid? Someone said that it was but I have no idea if they are right and my OB’s office said to try taking Unisom for my nausea. I haven’t tried it yet. I bought some but haven’t really had a time where I could afford to be as tired as a Sleep Aid would make me…

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